Monday, September 19, 2011

On Job Training (OJT) in INLEAD

With a fresh mind full of enormous amount of theoretical knowledge comes a 3 month on the job training which is a very unique aspect of the curriculum taught at INLEAD. The on job training gives us a chance to experiment our theoretical learning in a real world scenario. Its helps us enhance our skills and gain a better understanding of the concepts. We get a chance to see and go through challenges that are faced in working and while performing different tasks on the job. In this on the job training we work in different departments and figure out which suits our personality and caliber the most. It provides us with a clear understanding on what we expect from our future in our respective fields. We get a chance to figure out the lacking skills and things that we need to work on to become a complete package for the industry we opt to work in. This unique aspect of our curriculum helps us explore our strengths and work on our weakness before we step out in the world to face the real world scenario away from the shelters of our faculty and institute.

Nitish Srivastava – EMPR Jan.2011

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