Tuesday, January 28, 2014

USA, UK, Dubai, Germany- Most Sought After Destinations for INTERNS

Doing an internship from abroad has been trending since a while; it definitely increases your chances of getting a job in the top notch firms.

INTERNSHIPS ideally provide students practical experience in their field and in return complement the theoretical background of the student. An internship also helps determine a potential interest in a particular career or company, and in some cases it also helps in gaining university/school credits. A completed internship is considered very beneficial to a resume/CV.

Paid internships are common in the business, trade, technology, engineering, law and medical field, and are a perfect way to gain some work experience in your academic field whilst earning some money at the same time. Unpaid internships are typical in non-profit organizations such as charities, large international organizations. As a matter of fact paid internships are always preferred over unpaid internships.

Why intern abroad?

Having experience abroad makes you stand out against competitors in the corporate world.

Students gain exposure and it’s a great learning experience for them.
You’ll learn to speak another language fluently, get to know the country and at the same time you can have fun and enjoy J

So what are you thinking?

Enroll yourself in a course at INLEAD and get a chance to fly to various destinations now as we guarantee you 100% placements abroad…it’s not just a dream anymore…

Take a look at the few ‘INLEAD’s Placement Highlights’ -
Mr. Pravinder Singh placed at Hyatt Place Dubai, Deira 
Mr. Karan Kohli placed at Baylis House Hotel, United Kingdom
     3)    Mr. Rupesh Kumar Singh placed at  Double Tree by Hilton, Dubai
     4)    Ms. Shweta Bhatia placed at  Hilton- Al Hamra Residence & Village, Dubai
     5)    Mr. N. Prateek placed at DoubleTree by Hilton, U.S.A.

The list goes on….

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Monday, January 27, 2014

MBA on your Resume can be your Dream Ticket…Yes? No? Maybe?

"Having an MBA -- as opposed to just a bachelor's degree -- is sort of like traveling someplace by plane instead of taking the train. Do you agree?

Well, in this article, today we will be discussing how important is having a post graduate degree if you have long term plans to stay in the corporate world…

Doing a master’s degree is definitely a challenging task, having said that you have to take a call whether you are willing to put in that extra hard work. You may be wonderfully knowledgeable, but an MBA program relevant to your field will help sharpen your managerial skills & soft skills which are necessary for management.

Let’s compare the two…one with an MBA and another without an MBA…now both the candidates have been qualified for the job, both are equally smart and well spoken…Wouldn’t you take the candidate with a higher degree? Yes of course you will :)

There is no shortcut for getting a job, but having an MBA degree in hand definitely makes it a lot easier and simpler :)

The decision whether or not to pursue an MBA is a tough one. It involves serious thought about money, time and career goals. But for those who decide that getting an MBA is the path they wish to take, the degree might open up a whole new world of possibilities.

Graduates with an MBA degree have higher chances of obtaining and holding a high level management position in the corporate world.

The average salary of a MBA graduate is much higher than that of an employee with a regular master qualification.

At INLEAD, we offer MBA in the below mentioned courses:

For further details on the above mentioned courses, click on them to know more…
So we can conclude by saying that an MBA degree in hand is definitely your ticket to your dream career…

Study what you do well in and do the best you can...

Friday, January 24, 2014

Ms. Sonal Pathak, Head Human Resources – Audi (India) at INLEAD

Yesterday, 23rd Jan’14 Ms. Sonal Pathak, heading the HR Department at AUDI(INDIA) presented to students of INLEAD a presentation on “Corporate Expectations and Industry Orientation”. The session began with a brief introduction of Ms. Pathak which described her professional journey in various sectors which involved automobiles, hotels, entertainment and then how she went back to the hotel industry to research and then back to automobiles.

Ms. Pathak quoted that “We hire people for attitude & train them for skills”. She further added that, if your goal is to climb a tree who should you hire? Squirrel OR horse? In short to summarize that she said, passion never fails, the lack of basic passion fails.

Ms. Pathak quoted that “We hire people for attitude & train them for skills”. She further added that, if your goal is to climb a tree who should you hire? Squirrel OR horse? In short to summarize that she said, passion never fails, the lack of basic passion fails.

She discussed with the students on how there is demand and supply crunch for employable candidates and how the different stakeholders are in a state of mismatch. She further explained the mismatch by speaking about the 4 stakeholders.
Few key points mentioned by her were, firstly the industry now does not have time to train the employees. Secondly, institutes do not have infrastructure and technologies to cater to industry needs. Thirdly, the environment is not symbolic for industry academia association. Fourthly, what problems hence faced by the students are that students are more inclined towards grades, the students are not aware of the various industry standards, students are not able to apply their academic knowledge.

Ms.Pathak talked about the need of the hour which emphasized that it was clearly that the candidates need to prepare for the required position from a skill perspective and not only from a knowledge perspective. She elaborated on this through an activity and divided the students into 3 groups in which the students played the part of a student, the educational institute and the prospective employer.
Coming further, the three most important facts which were discussed in the session are: 1) knowledge 2) skill 3) attitude
Such expert sessions from experts having experience in diverse field is part of the curriculum at INLEAD and we strive for the better in the future.

Keep watching this space for more…

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

MANFEST’14 – IIM Lucknow’s Annual Business Conclave attended by INLEADers

INLEADers checked in at IIM Lucknow’s Annual Business Conclave which was spread across three days from 17th-19th January’14. This exclusive designed program featured workshops and talks held by some of the most dynamic and accomplished personalities from diverse fields of expertise and by the renowned faculty of IIM Lucknow. The program nurtured the potential in today’s youth through a whole host of live case studies, hands-on experience dealing with actual problems faced by industries and engaging interactions designed to create thought icons of tomorrow.

What was the ‘Young Leaders Program’ all about?

Young Leaders Program was conducted by IIM – Lucknow from January 17th – 19th at IIM’s Lucknow’s campus. The thought behind the program was - Because the future of our nation lies in the hands of its youth, it is imperative that we hone this talent and identify the leaders of tomorrow who will steer the country to great heights.

Activities held at MANFEST’14:

Keynote Speakers of the Young Leaders Program at IIM Lucknow were:
Harsh Mariwala (Chairman & Managing Director, Marico Limited)
·     Siddharth Roy Kapoor (Managing Director – The Walt Disney Company India)
·     Varun Agarwal (Founder: Alma Mater, Reticular, Last Minute Films; Author: How I Braved Anu Aunty and Co-Founded A Million Dollar Company; Director: Phat Phish Films)

Guest Workshops:
The ‘Matrix’ of Leadership & Corporate Communication by Arun Sharma (CAT guru and founder of Mindworkzz)
Social Media Workshop by Advaith Duddu (Founder & CEO at AliveNow ; Investor at California Burrito)
·     Management in Politics by Arvind Singh Bisht (Political Editor, Times of India)
·         Writer’s workshop by Sankalp Kohli (Author, Bestseller ‘Every Raindrop is a Hope’ & ‘When I found You’)

Domain Workshops:

·     HR, Marketing, Finance and Strategy workshops by IIM Lucknow Professors
·     Leadership in Practice by IIM Lucknow Professors

Apart from the invaluable experience that the students of INLEAD gained from this program were ‘Certificates of Participation’ which was later awarded to the students.  Additionally, the students also had the opportunity to take part in all on-the-spot events and win spectacular cash prizes.

Let’s see what our INLEADers had to say about this program:

  • Dwaipayan Moitra student pursuing Healthcare Administration, Oct’13ber’13: It was a great experience and definitely will be helpful in developing ourselves as an individual and as a professional.

As you all know, such visits are a part of the curriculum at INLEAD, we strive to bring out the best in our students and by making them attend such conclaves and programs we are making sure that they get inspired and become the leaders of tomorrow.

MBA in Healthcare Administration: Students Gain Practical Exposure at Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon

Students pursuing Healthcare Administration at INLEAD were made to visit Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon, a 300 bed super specialty hospital on 9th January’14. As part of the curriculum INLEAD believes that practical exposure to students is of utmost importance as academic knowledge.

Agenda: Overview of a hospital and its departments

Why Artemis?
Artemis Hospital in Gurgaon is spread across 9 acres and is a 300 bed; state -of- the art multi-specialty hospital located in the heart of Gurgaon. Artemis Hospital is the first JCI and NABH accredited hospital in Gurgaon. Designed as one of most advanced in India, Artemis provides depth of expertise in the spectrum of advanced medical & surgical interventions comprehensive mix of inpatient and outpatient services. Artemis has put modern technology in the hands of renowned from across the country and abroad to set new standards healthcare. The medical practices and procedures followed hospital are research oriented and benchmarked against in the world. World class services in a warm open centric environment clubbed with affordability has made as one of the most revered hospital in the country.

The visit commenced with a welcome presentation by Lt. Col Saras Malik, Head HR which was followed by an interesting and interactive presentation by Ms. Parul from the HR department followed by a facility tour of the Hospital. The various areas covered during the facility tour were as follows:
1.      Front Office & Reception
·         Reception
·         Lobby
2.      Out Patient Department
·         Registration
·         Preventive Health package
·         Consultation Room
3.      Overview of Mother & Child Centre
4.      Overview of In-patient service
5.      Overview of ICU

Read what Ms. Ginny Kaushal, Faculty at INLEAD had to say about the visit…

Ms. Ginny Kaushal, Faculty Healthcare Administration said “Students got an insight into different clinical, administrative & support services of the Hospital which will help them to get a fair idea of the working in these areas”.

Students give us feedback:
Nadeem, student pursuing MBA in Healthcare Administration from INLEAD, batch: 1st Year:  “State of art facility, and a very good learning exposure .
Neeti, student pursuing MBA in Healthcare Administration from INLEAD, batch: 2nd Year “The best part of the hospital was the positive attitude of the staff and the organization culture”.
INLEADers continue to get such exposure from time to time…

Keep watching this space for more information on various industry visits….

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Industry Interaction – An Important Part of the Curriculum at INLEAD

At INLEAD, we believe that industry interaction from time to time is an important part of the academic curriculum. The purpose of taking students of various courses to their respective industries helps students not only get industrial exposure but at the same time, this also gives them a chance to understand the various business practices/ trends prevalent. Such industry visits helps them in gaining knowledge about the actual industry functions.
As part of the curriculum, students pursuing International Hotel Management at INLEAD visited Optus Sarovar Premiere, located in the heart of Gurgaon.

Agenda of the Industry Visit: Hotel Orientation

An upscale property, Optus Sarovar Premiere is the hotel which promises 80 rooms and suites with the most luxurious amenities and stylish furnishings.

The hotel takes good care to provide the best possible amenities for the new-age business traveler. Offering good dining options and some nice drinking places, the hotel takes good care of your refreshment needs too.

The dining options at Optus are:

: - The all-day dining with an interactive live kitchen.

The lobby lounge:
- A lounge with a laid-back aura offers a fine selection of wines, finest cocktails, iced vodkas and martinis.

Skewers: -
The roof top grill by the poolside is a contemporary dining.

The Oriental blossom: -
offers authentic cuisine from two major Chinese provinces - Sichuan and Canton.

The students were taken on a full property tour of the rooms, F&B outlets including the banqueting spaces.

Let’s see what
Ms. Bindu A Menon, Faculty- International Hotel Management at INLEAD has to say about the industry visit…The industry visit was a good learning experience as it was a good sequel to the concept of “Economy sized taking a center stage today”, which was covered practically in the property tour and concepts behind the same.

Students Speak:

Amitesh Jain, student pursuing MBA in International Hotel Management – Batch of Oct’13:
For me since it was the first industry visit to a hotel, it was definitely very knowledgeable, as all the information that I had gained in my theory sessions I got to see them practically.

Manish Singh, student pursuing MBA in InternationalHotel Management – Batch of Oct’13:
Good experience seeing the finest and the best first class business segment hotel in Gurgaon. The visit gave us an understanding of the seasonal rate variation and the concept of Daily Rates. Liked the concept of “open sky pool bar”.

INLEADers continue to get such exposure from time to time…

Keep watching this space for more information on various industry visits….

Monday, January 6, 2014

Paid V/S Unpaid Internship – Make the Best Choice

The primary goal of any internship program is to give students a short-term, first-hand work experience while simultaneously offering employees a chance to evaluate a prospect for a future position based on your potential.

Say that you are a college student, and your summer break is approaching wherein you have an option between interning for a minimum duration of two months and at the same time you are being offered a job in a BPO which is ready to hire you even before the completion of your course and are paying you a handsome salary. Which would you choose?

We questioned Akash a student of INLEAD let’s see what he had to tell us…
Internship is like giving a shot in a type of career that you otherwise wouldn't be eligible to do. Internships can be paid or unpaid. Sometimes interns are compensated through stipends or to what we can also call ‘perks’. These stipends are roughly a fraction of what your salary in a permanent job.

Being a student at INLEAD the students get the benefit of experiencing both paid as well as an unpaid internship before the completion of their course…let’s read about the advantages of each…

Paid Internship
Unpaid Internship
Permanent Job
Paid interns are happier and engaged
Readily available

Opportunity for greater rewards
Paid interns have a higher chance of being hired

Highlight your resume – a job experience on the resume is to the students additional advantage
Greater level of job security
Paid interns have a higher chance of being hired

Discover your hidden talent

Fixed Salary

From my own experience I suggest that internships should not be taken lightly, there are 100% chances that your employer at internship hires you eventually. In the 1st year I interned with a reputed employer and eventually after the completion of my course I did receive an offer letter from them saying that they wanted to higher me on permanent pay rolls.

So, readers remember one thing, even if you are not paid for your internship do not worry, it will eventually pay off in the form of a job.

The decision to whether to opt for a paid internship, unpaid internship or a permanent job entirely depends on the individual. There are risks and opportunities involved in each.

The choice is yours, make you’re it’s in your benefit…

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