Monday, September 26, 2011

Importance of OJT in Employability

Now colleges are coming up with the Internships or On Jobs Training (OJT) during the graduation/post graduation stage where students can apply the learning’s from academics in the real world. Through this they would be learning in a practical way and hence would be enhancing their skill sets which are needed for employability. Through OJT’s students would be getting Exposure (of the real world), Confidence (of facing real situations) and they would be doing Networking (making contacts) for themselves. OJT’s would also help them understand what are their real strengths and weaknesses.

Inlead situated in Gurgaon is one such institute which follows this pattern. They have divided their course module in four quarters. In quarter one student would be learning the basic concepts, depending on the course they would choose. Then in quarter two they would go for their OJT’s. Then in quarter three students will further enhance his academic knowledge and finally in quarter four they would either be having pre placements or the final paid internships.

This is in fact the USP of INLEAD Institute. Most Institutes provide Internship at the end of the course but INLEAD would be providing it two times just to provide an extra edge to its students in terms of Exposure and Confidence. INLEAD always motivates its students and makes them believe that they can lead their way through failures and achieves the desired success that they are looking for. It makes them ready to face real time tough situations in the Corporate World.
Kapil Thairani July EMPR

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Brand Management, Want to sustain brand, diversify it

On 19th September Inleaders of July EMPR batch were privileged to attend the industry expert session given by Mr Prakash Chandra Mishra of Wizcraft International. He holds a designation of Account director, where he handles the overall image of Brand Wizcraft in the market. It was a fun Interactive session where he shared his knowledge with us on Brand Equity.
Mr. Prakash began his lecture by telling that how brand sustain its value in the market. According to him Digital marketing is the most important aspect of brand marketing and has gradually evolved a lot in recent 4 -5 years. It is the cheapest and the most effective method of hitting the target audience. During the interaction students came to know that WPP (Wire and plastic products) and PUBLICIS GROUPE are considered to be world’s top communication agencies. They both use Integrated Marketing Approach to help build a brand name in the market.
One another cheap and effective way of doing brand promotions is Public Relations. PR is simply unbiased way of communication which helps a brand in showing its credibility in the market and thereby gaining the essential trust from their target audience.
During the interaction one of the students ask that advertising is also considered as a good way of building a brand. On this Mr. Prakash said that yes it is a good way but it is always considered as a biased approach because Company valo ne ad agency ko paise die hote hai for doing their ad”.
Then he talked about brand equity. In layman terms brand equity can be defined as Goodwill of a brand which has been created in the market. Rapport of a brand is not created in just a day or two, it takes a lot of hard work and duration as well. ITC, GE, IBM, Godrej, Uniliver and Xerox all these brands are very old and they have seen success because of the diversification that these companies had gone under as they grow old and old. So Diversification is the necessity of every Brand. By diversification he means companies needs to have different and innovative products in their kitty rather than concentrating on just one. Brand equity can only be measured based on the product in the market and how easily that can be recalled in the minds of consumer.
Kapil Thairani July EMPR

Monday, September 19, 2011

On Job Training (OJT) in INLEAD

With a fresh mind full of enormous amount of theoretical knowledge comes a 3 month on the job training which is a very unique aspect of the curriculum taught at INLEAD. The on job training gives us a chance to experiment our theoretical learning in a real world scenario. Its helps us enhance our skills and gain a better understanding of the concepts. We get a chance to see and go through challenges that are faced in working and while performing different tasks on the job. In this on the job training we work in different departments and figure out which suits our personality and caliber the most. It provides us with a clear understanding on what we expect from our future in our respective fields. We get a chance to figure out the lacking skills and things that we need to work on to become a complete package for the industry we opt to work in. This unique aspect of our curriculum helps us explore our strengths and work on our weakness before we step out in the world to face the real world scenario away from the shelters of our faculty and institute.

Nitish Srivastava – EMPR Jan.2011

Saturday, September 17, 2011

INLEADERS going for Final Placement and Internship

Now INLEAD is slowly moving towards the Corporate Connect period where the companies would be coming in the campus for hiring the young professionals. JAN batch students are in the preparation mode for their final examination starting from 29th of this month and also preparing for their final placement interviews in some top companies. July batch is also gearing up for their internships. Recently they have been rewarded with their grades in the Employability Assessment which will help them understand that where they stand right now. At the end of the month students will start going for their interviews and based on their abilities they would land in their internships. 

As a part of July batch I would like to give my best wishes to all my seniors in JAN batch and to my colleagues in JULY batch as well.

So best of luck to all the INLEADERS and we all make INLEAD proud and make the Brand INLEAD achieve great heights in the coming future.


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