Friday, July 25, 2014

First Day of College? Tips & Tricks to Ease the Transition

While you pursue Post Graduation (PG) you will be making a lot of changes in your life, some of you might have relocated and some of you might have just taken admission knowing a PG will help you climb up the ladder in the corporate arena.
Try these some tips and tricks which will help you adjust to your new life and avoid stress.
You’re life completely changes, instead of your parents waking you up in the morning, you suddenly get into the habit of putting alarms, waking up and heading to college all by yourself. You're suddenly completely on your own, with a lot of freedom and a whole new world of opportunities to embrace. These tips can help you ease the transition into college life.

Welcome New Experiences:

A new place, a new roommate…Everything is different when you first get to college. Be open-minded, don’t be narrowing minded.  Expect new changes and situations to take place regularly and be open to meeting new people.  You may or may not enjoy the company of people but listening to their point of views is extremely important. You will get to meet people from different backgrounds etc.
     2)      Connect with Your Peers
You might be in a new place, but you're not alone. Your classmates will be meeting everyone for the first time too. Strike up a conversation with the person sitting next to you in class.  Don't stress about forming friendships right away, it will probably take some time before you find the right crowd for your personality and interests. In the meantime, enjoy meeting new people and get used to reaching out to others.
     3)      Manage Your Time
Don’t lose focus; don't forget that you have relocated from a different city for the college which will help fulfill your dreams. Review your syllabi or ask your mentor to find out the deadlines for assignments and exams in each of your courses, make a calendar or planner to keep track of those deadlines. (Maintain a time table). 
All the Best! 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Ms. Annie Mathen – Regional Human Resource Manager – North, Columbia Asia @ INLEAD

Yesterday, 22nd of July an expert lecture was conducted by Ms. Annie Mathen – Regional Human Resource Manager – North, Columbia Asia. The agenda of the workshop was 'Corporate Expectations & Industry Orientation'.

 She introduced herself by giving a description of how she climbed the ladder from the scratch to where she is now. ‘Make a Difference’ is what she highlighted the most in her session. She advised students to take the plunge, because in the end it’s all worth it. She also advised the students to become active on LinkedIn, the professional networking site. Reading is one habit which all the students should inculcate is what she emphasized upon. Three new words should be learnt every day and should be used in the sentences we use daily. 

Big Mean World’s Expectations/ Corporate Expectations

1) The Right Attitude
2) Excellent Communication skills
3) High Moral Values
4) Well Groomed Personality
     - extraversion
     - agreeableness
     - conscientiousness
    - emotional stability
     - openness to experience
5) Make maximum utilization of IQ (creative decision making)

Make an Impression: 5 Self Mantras

- sell yourself
- present yourself
- groom yourself
- think for yourself and be quick
- read for yourself

Leave a lasting impression” is what Ms.Annie Mathen suggested to the students before she opened the session for a question and answer round.   

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Importance of INTERNSHIPS in the Hospitality Sector

Internships in the hospitality sector are as important a part of the curriculum as theory papers.

These internships are given a considerable weight age in the final exams of the hotel management course.

The students are involved in these internships because of the nature of their course i.e. hotel management. The hotel management industry is all about treating one’s customer right and this experience can only be gained if students learn to interact properly with them.
Hospitality internships are the best way to bridge the gap between going to college and landing in a great job.

Internships can help you develop your Hospitality experience by learning from experienced professionals. At the end of your internship, you’ll have relevant experience which will help you to decide if a career in Hospitality is the right choice for you or not.

The hospitality sector comprises of various departments which include
Room Division Management, Finance, F&B, and Guest Services.

A restaurant and a hotel today require skilled people for operating and managing facilities including management, maintenance, services and human resources.

Internships in the hospitality sector today trains individuals in business operations, management and provide them the right skill set for the future.

Get Started Today! Pursue International Hotel Management from INLEAD and get a chance to interns with the top notch hotel chains across the globe.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Want your dream job? Avoid these 10 mistakes.

We bring to you 10 tips following which will help you get a ticket to your dream career.

    1)    Avoid typo errors/ spelling mistakes on your resume- You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. Example: I am loking for a job instead of I’m looking for a job.
A funky email address – Example
Avoid using abbreviations- Example: Etc. in your resume
Don’t forget to write/ attach the cover letter/ resume along with the email you send to your employer.
Highlight duties instead of your accomplishments: Focus more on what you have achieved.
Keep your resume tidy and simple to read. Do not use highlighters or colored pens.
Don’t be badly/ poorly dressed for the interviews: Wear formals 
Avoid using your phone: Don’t check your phone on short intervals, this might show you’re less enthusiastic to get the job.
Move On: Feeling down about rejection: Rejection is all part of life. Move onto the next opportunity
Avoid using phrases like ‘I am responsible for” and instead use phrases like ‘I resolved’.

All the best!

Monday, July 7, 2014

INLEADers @ the Biggest Entertainment & Comedy Show of Kapil Sharma

Until now Kapil Sharma and his family were seen only on T.V. this time he was performing LIVE.

On 5th of July’14 students of INLEAD were a part of the event which was powered by olx at the Indira Gandhi Indoor System in New Delhi.

It was bound to be a fun ride when Kapil Sharma AKA Bittu's house was visited by RJ Raunac AKA Baua.
The role of the students of INLEAD was to look into event operations and artist management

The course in Event Management and Public Relations at INLEAD has a practical element, wherein students are taken for industry visits to various events big and small for them to get a practical exposure. In order to prepare the students for the live event scenario, it is extremely important for them to know the key principles and concepts of event management.  

The main purpose for us to send our students for such events is for them to build upon skills in the principles of event management.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Event Management: A Potentially Rewarding Career

Event Management is attracting a lot of youngsters today. Working behind the scenes is what fascinates them the most about managing an event.

The excitement in organizing a big event, earning good money and also enjoying the perks that come along is influencing all the candidates today to pursue a career in Event Management.

A career in Event Management is definitely not a bed of roses, but  requires a lot of hard work and determination. The life of an event planner is extremely hectic. Be prepared to work/ travel 24*7. There is no such thing as fixed working hours in this profession.

Nowadays there are several colleges offering courses in Event Management, for example at INLEAD we provide a PGDM and an MBA in Event Management & Public Relations.

After movies like ‘The Wedding Planner’, ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’,  ‘Band Baaja Baarat’, ‘Monsoon Wedding’ &  ‘Bride and Prejudice’ lots of students inquired about a career in ‘Event Planning’ and later went ahead and pursued a course in Event Management from INLEAD.

Having a degree these days is extremely important; every industry is becoming extremely professional. Having a degree in the related field just adds up to your career and definitely to your resume.

During the course of study at INLEAD, you as future, aspiring event planners will be taken for various events to get hands on experience for the kind of events you will have to handle in the near future.

Most people these days are self-employed, but few of them get employed at various event management companies, or they start assisting wedding consultants, or they start working as a brand manager with an organization.

There are several types of events which take place today. Few years back a party restricted to a tablecloth and chairs and event planners were not taken seriously, but now the entire outlook has changed. No longer are kid’s birthdays celebrated as a casual get together of friends at home, these days you require planners to plan a theme based birthday party etc.  Larger events include a concert or an awards ceremony.
To know more about Event Management & Public Relations click here:

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