Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Event Management: Industry Expert Session (Ms. Pooja Pathak)

INLEAD conducted an Industry Expert Session for April and October 2012 EMPR batches on the topic PR for young Entrepreneurs on 23rd October 2012. The session was conducted by Ms. Pooja Pathak, Director and Content Head – Media Mantra. Ms. Pooja Pathak has over half a decade of experience in PR industry. She has completed her Masters in community development from Australia and has worked as a PR consultant with various PR firms in Australia. Before going on the entrepreneurial route by opening Media Mantra (PR agency), she was a Sr. Account Manager with Value 360 Communications and was handling various clients in education, lifestyle and HR sectors.

 Ms. Pathak’s presentation inculcated one of the important fact that PR has establish itself as an important marketing tool both for the budding entrepreneurs and the big organizations. According to her an essential skill set required for a successful PR Professional is the story telling ability. He/she should be able to give a story angle to any information for making it newsworthy for all the mediums.

Ms. Pathak make the session pretty interactive by using lot of case studies and as well as describing the various sections that appears in the financials and the daily mainlines. According to her to have a successful career in the PRindustry it is essential to have good media relations and a thorough understanding of various publications. Ms. Pathak ended her session by explaining various PR tools and how an efficient PR strategy can save a lot of money for the clients because of the awareness that it generates and which in turns effectively helps in sales generation.  

Friday, October 12, 2012

Event Management: Lead Activity - Storyboard Competition

INLEAD conducted a LEAD activity Storyboard Competition“ for EMPR October 2012 batch students on 12th October. The purpose of the activity was to help them understand the key concepts of LEAD module through an interesting Story telling Competition. Students were given a handful of resources for the activity like set of charts, old magazines & Newspapers, color pens, scissors etc and they had to depict a story related to a particular theme.  The themes that were chosen for the competition were Bollywood, Fashion, Lifestyle and Women Empowerment.  Students were given a time frame of 1 hour where they have to ideate, conceptualize and express the story-line on the charts. The key learning’s from this activity were Resource Management, Team Coordination and using their creative skills at its best.

Congratulations to the following winners:-
·         Farhat Jameel
·         Jonathan Donoghue
·         Harpreet Kaur
·         Rishikesh Kumar Nandan
·         Ritika Verma

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