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Event Management for a Jump Start in your Career

Anyone who sets about organizing an event faces several challenges which could broadly be categorized under the following categories such as financial, operational and communication. The ‘Event Management & Public Relations’ program at INLEAD was developed in response to these challenges and the aim being providing a structured approach to planning and managing events that reduces the pressure on the event planner and in return delivers a quality event.

Post completion of their course at INLEAD students will be able to:
  • Identify and develop an event that can succeed in the prevailing socio-economic conditions
  • Develop robust plans for before, during and after the event
  • Build a team, whether paid or unpaid, and budget for their event
  • Develop a marketing strategy and plan that will attract both event participants and sponsors
  • Communicate successfully with all stakeholders using public relations knowledge and  techniques
  • Understand the safety, risk and emergency planning requirements for events
  • Manage all aspects of an event operation, such as transport, crowd management, logistics or communications.
At INLEAD, we have top industry stalwarts who conduct expert lectures/ expert workshops for students. The students gain thorough understanding of the nuances and practices of the industry to conceptualize, organize and execute exceptional world class events.

The best way to get into the profession of event management is to enter this field as a trainee with a degree or diploma in Event Management & Public Relations.  While doing your training with an event management company you will get an opportunity to learn how events are organized, exposure in the field of events is extremely important.  Once you learn how to coordinate and promote, you should make your career really big in this field.  A good understanding of various stages of planning in event management will definitely promise you a high position. Once you feel confident about your experience in this field you could start your own venture.

You, as a student of Event Management & Public Relations are the future event planners of the country.

Top 10 Tips to Study Smart

  • Make a “to don’t” list -  Prepare a list that contains all the things you shouldn't waste your time on – useless tasks, unnecessary meetings, worthless phone calls, and so on. 

  • Carry a notebook and pen. Thomas Edison did it. Virginia Woolf did it. And so should you…They took a notebook with them everywhere and wrote down ideas that came into their mind…This is a fantastic way to get creative at your own ideas.
  •     Get into Routine: Know when to start and stop studying. Try to begin and end each work day the same way you end other days. Straighten up your study table back up your computer. Make a list of what you need to do the next day.        
  • Learn - Become a learning machine. Ask questions. Take likeminded friends/ peers for lunch. Read. Read some more. Listen to audiobooks. Take extra classes. Go to conferences/ events which will be beneficial for you). This makes life more interesting. Studies have shown that people who make constant learning part of their lives end up living longer.      
  • Failing is OK. Not failing is not OK. If you don’t fail in life too often it’s probably because you’re not trying hard enough.
  • Guard your calendar. Make sure your time is well distributed and is focused on a particular topic you choose to study. Ask yourself: “Is this how I want to be spending my time right now?” Remember: you are your calendar. So treat your calendar with respect.
  • Be paranoid. The good times won’t last.
  • Don’t be paranoid. The bad times won’t last.
  • Spend 10 minutes every day laughing out loud. Turn on Comedy Nights with Kapil, read a funny book, look at photographs of yourself as a kid. Laugh. Fully.
  • Take a “Sabbath.” Choose one day during the week when you don’t study at all. That one day just enjoy (meet friends, go for a cup of coffee, watch a movie etc.)
Stop worrying, just start studying SMART!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

IBM: Analyzing the Business World from an International Perspective

In our globalized economy, organizations large and small fight to compete in international markets. The International Business Program at INLEAD studies organizations their management & the global market in which they operate.

Graduates of INLEAD International Business Management program develops cross-cultural expertise, allowing them to adapt and lead in today’s rapidly evolving global markets.  Students study strategic management, focusing on alliances, partnerships and networks in a global environment.

CRSIL, has rated INLEAD for providing 100% placements to all the students. 

The International Business Management program at INLEAD is ideal for those with a global outlook and international aspirations that develop both your core business management knowledge and a more specific understanding of the international aspects.

The program provides an overview of the most important topics in international trade, disaster and risk management, international marketing, supply chain management etc. 

Our MBA students benefit from many unique opportunities to expand their resume, build their professional networks, and advance their international careers through innovative professional development opportunities.
To enroll yourself click on the link below:

All the Best! 

Top 10 Reasons to do an INTERNSHIP

In a highly competitive job market like ours, you will need to make yourself stand out among others. Since employers prefer to hire individuals who have career-related work experience, internships can be crucial to your job search.

Let’s discuss why an ‘internship’ is so crucial.

      1)      Gain professionalism: An ‘internship’ allows you to observe how your skill set can be applied in the real world.
      2)      Gain Work Experience: Practical knowledge attracts employers. An ‘internship’ on your resume will definitely give you
 an edge over a fresher.
Expand Your Network: Doing an internship definitely increases network opportunities. It connects you with the professionals in the related field. Internships help expand your professional branding.
Builds Resume: Internships help you prepare both by giving you the experience and skills to build a strong resume and the confidence to give an outstanding interview.
Find your Role Model: an internship gives you the opportunity to interact with various department managers and what you will learn from them will be highly beneficial for you in the long run.
Develop a Professional Portfolio: Document your internship achievements by collecting examples of your responsibilities, performance and range of skills. A portfolio is an excellent job. Search tool that can be shown to potential employers.

Gain a new perspective: Internships can definitely be something that will help you transform your life. Internship can give you the opportunity to work in areas that you won’t work anytime in the future, you might get to know people that become lifetime friends, or you can realize how passionate you were about something you only got to know through the internship you had.
Develop Employability Skills: Gain work related skills that employer’s values, this you will learn while you intern. After completing an internship, there is a greater potential to be hired full-time by the employer.
Enhance Personal Development: Explore your interests, strengthen your skills and identify the areas where you need improvement. Experience in the workplace which can help develop your intellect and improve your critical thinking, problem solving, and communication and leadership abilities.
Improved Salary: Compete for a higher salary. Graduates who intern will likely earn more than students who did not intern.

Internships can definitely be something that transforms your life. 

Friday, May 23, 2014

Infrastructure Management: Increasing at a Rapid Pace

Infrastructure and Real Estate is a sector that has the potential to change the face of the country and shape an outstanding career of an individual. The infrastructure sector might seem full of challenges but the sector is highly rewarding. You can generate enormous wealth for yourself and have the satisfaction of doing something for the nation, both at the same time.
The Masters of Infrastructure Management at INLEAD is designed to impart leadership and decision making skill sets to aspiring real estate and urban infrastructure professionals.
The attributes gained from the degree will allow you to work in the real estate sector in India and around the world. You could choose from a range of career paths in real estate and urban infrastructure related fields such as valuation, investment & finance, marketing, property development & management, research and consulting or commercial lending.
Job Profiles Offered to Students:               
   1)    Chief Site Engineer
   2)    IT Infrastructure Manager
   3)    Project Manager
   4)    Construction Manager
   5)    Asset Manager
   6)    Project Engineer
   7)    Facility Manager
   8)    Project Engineer
   9)    Manager – Construction
Top Employers at INLEAD are:
   1)    Times of India
   2)    Aviva
   3)    DLF
   4)    Fortis
   5)    Nestle
   6)    Jindal
   7)    Max Healthcare
   8)    Aditya Birla Group
   9)    Aircel
Are you wondering ‘InfrastructureManagement’ the right career for you?
Infrastructure and Real Estate is the right career for you if you have an inclination and passion for making big money, inclination to 24/7 hard work, and the ability to guide and supervise a team of builders, consultants, laborers and site managers.
India is a developing nation and it requires people like you to build the future.
The infrastructure sector is booming and getting a job is not an issue at all. So enroll today fresh batches beginning soon.

Click on the link to apply today:

17 Psychological life hacks: 10 Minutes to Learn. Useful for Life.

1)      Primacy and recency : People most remember the first and last things to occur, and barely the middle. When scheduling an interview, ask what times the employer is interviewing and try to be first or last.

2)      If you work in in customer service of any kind .Put a mirror behind you at the counter. This way, angry customers who approach you will have to see themselves in the mirror behind you and the chances of them behaving irrationally lowers significantly.

3)      Once you make the sales pitch, don't say anything else.
This works in sales, but it can also be applied in other ways. My boss at an old job was training me and just giving me pointers. He told me that once I got all the small talk out of the way and presented the prices, that the first person to talk will lose. It didn't seem like a big deal but it actually worked. Often there were long periods of awkward silence as the person tried to come up with some excuse, but usually they bought.

4)      If you ask someone a question and they only partially answer, just wait. If you stay silent and keep eye contact they will usually continue talking.

5)      Chew gum when you're approaching a situation that would make you nervous like public speaking or bungee jumping. If we are eating , something in our brain reasons 'I would not be eating if I were danger. So I'm not in danger'. It has helped me to stay calm a few times.

6)      People will always remember not what you said but how you made them feel. Also most people like talking about themselves so ask lots of questions about them.

7)      When you're learning something new, teach it to a friend . Let them ask questions to you related to it. If you're able to teach something well, you can be sure that you've understood it very well.

8)      If you get yourself to be really happy and excited to see other people, they will react in the same way to you.  It doesn't always happen the first time, but it will definitely happen next time.

9)      Pay attention to people's feet. If you approach two people in the middle of a conversation, and they only turn their torsos and not their feet, they don't want you to join in the conversation. Similarly if you are in a conversation with a coworker who you think is paying attention to you and their torso is turned towards you but their feet are facing in another direction, they want the conversation to end.

10)   Fake it till you makes it; confidence is equally important as knowledge. Don't be intimidated by anyone, everyone is playing a role and wearing a mask. If you pretend to be something for long enough, you will eventually become it.

11)   If you are angry at the person in front of you driving like a grandmother... Pretend it is your grandmother, it will significantly reduce your road rage.

12)   Stand up straight. No slouching, hands out of pockets, and head held up high. It's not just a cliché -- you literally feel better and people around you feel more confident in you.

13)   Avoid saying "I think," and "I believe" unless absolutely necessary. These are phrases that do not evoke confidence, and will literally do you no good.

14)   When feeling anxious, clean up your home or work space. You will feel happier and more accomplished than before.

15)   Going into an interested in your interviewers. If you focus on learning about them, you seem more interesting and dynamic. (Again, people love to talk about themselves.)

16)   When a group of people laugh, people will instinctively look at the person they feel closest to in that group.

17)   If you want to build rapport or gain someone's trust quickly, match their body posture and position. If someone is sitting with her legs crossed cross your legs. If they're leaning away from you lean away from them. If they're leaning towards you, lean towards them. Mirroring and matching body position is a subconscious way to tell if someone trusts you or is comfortable with you. If you're sitting with your arms crossed and you notice someone else is sitting with her arms crossed, that is a good indicator that you have/are successfully built/building rapport with that person.

Why INLEAD for Healthcare Administration?

Healthcare Administration is one of the most important and exciting areas of business and public policy.

Health Care Administration program develops leaders who are able to adapt and respond to the needs of health care and prepares them for the challenges of 21st century health care delivery.

Students who pursue Healthcare Administration from INLEAD will achieve the following competencies:

1.       In-depth Health care knowledge
2.       Leadership Qualities
3.       Conceptual skills
4.       Conflict management
5.       Managerial decision making skills
6.       Ethical decision making skills
7.       Information management
8.       Interpersonal skills
9.       Creativity and critical thinking
10.    Analytical skills
11.    Presentation skills (oral communication)
12.    Written communication skills
13.    Career marketability
14.    Teamwork
15.    Managing change
16.    Planning

Talented and highly qualified health care administrators and leaders are necessary to the success of the health care industry. INLEAD’s Healthcare Administration Program blends both these requirements together to form one of the top health care administration post graduate programs in Delhi NCR.

Our mission at INLEAD  is to provide a high quality educational experience to enhance the practice of health care administration by preparing individuals for management and leadership roles in the field.

Healthcare Administration is created for all healthcare professionals, both clinical and non-clinical, who wish to improve their management and leadership capabilities. It is also important for managers in the health technology, pharmaceutical and allied health sectors.

You are the future! Healthcare Industry is on a boon and is here to stayJ!

Friday, May 16, 2014

“Your Questions to the Employer in an Interview are Equally Important” says Study

It's important to remember that every interview is a two-way process. You should be interviewing the employer just as much as they're interviewing you because you both need to be convinced that the job would be a great fit for the both of you.  
So, towards the end of the interview if the interviewer asks you if you have any questions, DO NOT say NO.  Instead take advantage of this opportunity. It's the best way to determine if you'd be happy working for this employer, and whether your goals are aligned and in sync with theirs. 
The very process of asking questions completely changes the dynamic of the interview and the hiring manager's perception of you Asking questions also gives you the opportunity to discover details that you might not have otherwise explored.
It’s advised that you must ask at least two to five questions and if you don’t you will appear disinterested, less intelligent than a prospective employer would like. You should have at least five questions prepared, though, in case your original two are answered through the course of the interview.
Asking smart, engaging questions is imperative, in fact your questions can make or break an interview,
Here are 5 important questions you should always ask in a job interview, if they weren't already answered. This will help you to get a better sense of the role and the company.
  1. Who held this position previously? Why is he/she leaving the role?  
  2. How do you evaluate success here?
  3.  Will I have an opportunity to meet those who would be part of my staff/my manager during the interview process?
  4.  What distinguishes this company from its competitors?
  5. Is there anyone else I need to meet with?

It’s just another interview; give it your best shot :) 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Event Management: Lucrative Career Option for Students

IIFA OR Cannes, event management professionals work tirelessly to create the best experience possible for the guests, the stars, the sponsors & stakeholders, and the audience.

Event management is the co-ordination, running and planning of all the people, teams and features that come together to create every kind of event.

 Event managers need individuals who entirely think out of the box  and those who have a dynamic approach to problem-solving.

Events are an exciting field of study that includes business, marketing and several other skills. As an institute INLEAD we provide you with a Post Graduate program in Event Management & Public Relations

We believe practical training in events is an exciting and unique way to open the door to a career and we are glad to share with you that our students think the same.

Today, event managers are in demand, they’re required in almost any kind of field be it retail, fashion, sport etc.

Working in the events industry requires a lot of practical skills.  Working for events can also shape any experienced team member into an even more efficient professional in their role.

Business awareness, teamwork, creativity and problem solving are all sharpened through the planning and delivery of events, and are key in terms of employability.

If you have any questions about event management OR any of our courses, please call Toll Free – 1800 1034 200 or SMS INLEAD to 57333.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mr.Dua on Management Information System (MIS) at INLEAD

Mr. Tarun Dua, Associate Director- HR & Training, Country Development and Management Services Pvt. Ltd recently in an expert session addressed students on the MIS.

The session began with Mr. Tarun Dua sharing the company dossier with the students, followed by an AV on Carlson Rezidor. He also did brief the students on his professional background and the profile that currently he is handling.

What is CDMS?

Country Development & Management Services Pvt.Ltd (CDMS) is a joint venture between Country Inn & Suites by Carlson USA and Chanakya Hotels Ltd.

The students were given a brief outline on the concept of Management Information System. A management information system (MIS) provides information that organizations require to manage themselves efficiently and effectively. Management information systems are typically computer systems used for managing five primary components:
1) Hardware
2) Software
3) Data (information for decision making)
4) Procedures (design, development and documentation)
5) People (individuals, groups, or organizations).

The session covered concept of Management Information System. The topics covered in the session were understanding and benefits of MIS, elements of usable MIS, how to read an MIS, types of MIS and their advantages. Understanding why is important for any business to reach a Break even analysis and get their ROI was also discussed in length. The students were introduced to the working of Hotel Management System and Point of Sale. How do MIS contribute to the growth and different operating departments was addressed to.

The various benefits of the MIS were also discussed in detail with the students.

   1)      Core competency support
   2)      Enhanced distribution channel management
   3)      Increased brand equity
   4)      Boost production process
   5)      Leverage stability
   6)      Improve business
   7)      Leverage IT investment in computer aided design

INLEADers Speak:

Joe Marshal, student pursuing International Hotel Management April’14 says, “The session was interesting and got good knowledge about MIS and its necessity”.

Rohit Dogra, student pursuing International Hotel Management Jan’14 MBA (L) says, “Great knowledge sharing of MIS and the current industry trends. The language was simple and the examples very practical”.

Keep watching this space for more :)

Hotel Orientation at Optus Sarovar Premiere for International Hotel Management Students

On 12th May.2014 students pursuing International Hotel Management from INLEAD made a visit to Optus Sarovar Premiere and the agenda of the visit was an orientation of the hotel.

An industry visit helps the students to be updated with the industry concepts and practices followed in hotels today, the demands of the guest and how hotels are challenging themselves to ensure that each of their guests check out of the hotel premises with a good experience.

About Optus Sarovar Premiere:

Aiming to be the best business hotel around, Optus Sarovar Premiere is located in the heart of the commercial district of Gurgaon .An upscale property, the hotel promises 80 rooms and suites with the most luxurious of amenities and stylish furnishings.
The hotel takes good care to provide the best possible amenities for the new-age business traveler. Offering a couple of good dining options and some nice drinking places, the hotel takes good care of your refreshment needs too.

The dining options at Optus are:

Bistrot: - The all-day dining with interactive live kitchen.
The lobby lounge: - A lounge with a laid-back aura offers a fine selection of wines, finest cocktails, iced vodkas and martinis.
Skewers: - The roof top grill by the poolside is a contemporary dining.
The Oriental blossom: - offers authentic cuisine from two major Chinese provinces - Sichuan and Canton.
The students were taken on a full property tour of the rooms, F&B outlets including the banqueting spaces.

Abhishek Rana, student pursuing InternationalHotel Management April’14 says “
The industry orientation was very informative, looking forward to more visits and if they could be slightly more informative on the back end departments of the hotel”.

Keep watching this space for more

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Infrastructure Management Students @ Millennium Plaza, Gurgaon

On 2nd May’14 students pursuing Infrastructure Management from INLEAD made a visit to ‘Millennium Plaza’.

What is Millennium Plaza?

Millennium Plaza is a commercial /office property, of over 2 1/2 lac sq ft, managed by Vipul & Compass, with a compact team of technical  & support services staff, maintaining the twin buildings from the BMS based in Tower B in terms of  the HVAC, fire systems ,DG sets & all other associated technical equipment.

Agenda of the Visit:  Overview Outsourced FM Technical Services

Introduction: Millennium Plaza is one of the oldest & most prestigious office areas in Gurgaon. It is a landmark in the commercial space/ office area realm & is known for the quality of well managed facilities. Currently managed jointly by Vipul & Compass it has vast grounds with beautiful landscaping.
The towers are home to multiple brands & companies, each floor / office being serviced by an efficient facility team..
The students were received by the senior site facility manager, who started the tour with a summary of the salient features of the building. Other members of the team, including the , HVAC operators, DG operators, also joined the tour to explain the actual working of the systems. Some of the features that the students examined in some detail were-

  • HVAC
  • AHU
  • Transformers
  • LT panels
  • Fire pumps
  • DG
  • Cooling towers
  • An innovative system of conserving energy through the use of nodules of salt.

INLEADers Speak:

Omika, student pursuing MBA in Infrastructure Management says, “The visit provided us with good knowledge”.’
Saurabh, student pursuing MBA in Infrastructure Management says, “I was impressed by the structure & never knew or thought such good buildings ever existed here”.

Keep watching this space for more of such updates.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

MASTERCHEF & Hop to the TOP leads the way at INLEAD!

The LEAD Orientation activity- Time Out was conducted for all the programs of April 2014 batch by Priya Mehta & Supriya Massey, a part of LEAD Faculty.

The activity was designed, keeping in mind the blend of students coming from different backgrounds. The biggest challenge for them was to break the ice between each other and be a part of a team and work together to achieve the common goal.

The event kick started with MASTERCHEF’ 2014. A team of 3 main cooks and 1 helper was made and the participants were to produce 1 mock tail, 2 savory items and a dessert as a part of the menu. They were asked to come up with an innovative menu and dishes as this was one of the parameters. The participants were given 1.5 hours to prepare the dishes and 30 minutes post that to present the same to the judges for tasting. The participants were innovative and prepared some delectable, mouthwatering dishes and not to miss the delicious mocktails.

Along with MASTERCHEF, other students enthusiastically participated in Hop to the Top – a series of games and activities which was fun filled and energetic. The games were all timed and required the participants to complete the given task and win prizes.

The students showed great excitement and volunteered from time to time.  The activity gave insight in to team building, creativity, leadership skills etc. The student coordinators and organizers worked tirelessly along with the faculty to make the event a success.

The display of the various skill sets and the Great Spirit shown by the students made the event a success. Towards the end of the event, the award ceremony took place wherein by Mr. Deepak Sharma, President, INLEAD and Ms. Khushboo Singh, Vice President, INLEAD distributed the prizes. Most importantly, the event ended with the crowing of Mr. and Miss Fresher and the dance floor was thrown open for the students.

List of Winners:

      1.   Miss Fresher: Garima Bansal (MBA in Event Management & PR April’14)2.   Mr. Fresher: Abhishek Rana (International Hotel Management April’14)


3   .      MASTERCHEF’ 2014:

a)      Winner – 3D:
 Garima Bansal (Event Management & PR)

b)      Best Dessert – Toothsome Fooders:

Ankush Garg (Event Management & PR)
Monish Gupta (Event Management & PR)
 Anya Gupta (Event Management & PR)

c)      Best Mocktail – Kitchen Caboodle:

 Priyadarhini Dasari (International Business Management)
Kadiya Bhavikaben K (International Business Management)

 .      Hop to the Top: Winners

a)      Key to Success: Sumit Ranjan (January’14)
b)      Mixed Doubles: Sarath Mandala (January’14)
c)      Popcorn Garland – Karishma Kumari (April’14)

d)      Balloon Electricity – Abhilasha Sharma & Dhruv Sharma (April’14)

e)   Tilt the Cup – Prashant Lakher (April’14)
f)     Hang in There – Avinash Kumar (January’14
g)    Out of the Box – Nakul  Nagesh (April’14)h)    Tic Tac Toe – Vipin Chauhan (April’14)

i)      Lemon and Spoon Race – Shourya Bali (April’14)
j)      Done Deal – Aditya Mani & Sarath Mandala (January’14)
k)    Flick the coin – Ayush Goel (April’14)
l)      Dizzy Mummy – Rashmi & Devyani (April’14)

m)   Jump the Ball – Dhruv Sharma (April’14)
n)      HooplAround – Saurabh Kothari (April’14)

                    CONGRATULATIONS INLEADers J

INLEADers Speak:

Sarthak Aggarwal, student of the April’14: “It was really fresh and rocking. I learnt about team work and Out of the Box Thinking”.

Ankush Garg, a student of the April’14: “The activity was very energetic. Rising Stars is a great platform to welcome students. It was a fun filled day which was spent well with friends”.

This activity marked the welcoming of the April Batch students. Thanks you INLEADers for making this a big success.

Lead with INLEAD!

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