Thursday, May 8, 2014

Infrastructure Management Students @ Millennium Plaza, Gurgaon

On 2nd May’14 students pursuing Infrastructure Management from INLEAD made a visit to ‘Millennium Plaza’.

What is Millennium Plaza?

Millennium Plaza is a commercial /office property, of over 2 1/2 lac sq ft, managed by Vipul & Compass, with a compact team of technical  & support services staff, maintaining the twin buildings from the BMS based in Tower B in terms of  the HVAC, fire systems ,DG sets & all other associated technical equipment.

Agenda of the Visit:  Overview Outsourced FM Technical Services

Introduction: Millennium Plaza is one of the oldest & most prestigious office areas in Gurgaon. It is a landmark in the commercial space/ office area realm & is known for the quality of well managed facilities. Currently managed jointly by Vipul & Compass it has vast grounds with beautiful landscaping.
The towers are home to multiple brands & companies, each floor / office being serviced by an efficient facility team..
The students were received by the senior site facility manager, who started the tour with a summary of the salient features of the building. Other members of the team, including the , HVAC operators, DG operators, also joined the tour to explain the actual working of the systems. Some of the features that the students examined in some detail were-

  • HVAC
  • AHU
  • Transformers
  • LT panels
  • Fire pumps
  • DG
  • Cooling towers
  • An innovative system of conserving energy through the use of nodules of salt.

INLEADers Speak:

Omika, student pursuing MBA in Infrastructure Management says, “The visit provided us with good knowledge”.’
Saurabh, student pursuing MBA in Infrastructure Management says, “I was impressed by the structure & never knew or thought such good buildings ever existed here”.

Keep watching this space for more of such updates.

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