Friday, May 23, 2014

Why INLEAD for Healthcare Administration?

Healthcare Administration is one of the most important and exciting areas of business and public policy.

Health Care Administration program develops leaders who are able to adapt and respond to the needs of health care and prepares them for the challenges of 21st century health care delivery.

Students who pursue Healthcare Administration from INLEAD will achieve the following competencies:

1.       In-depth Health care knowledge
2.       Leadership Qualities
3.       Conceptual skills
4.       Conflict management
5.       Managerial decision making skills
6.       Ethical decision making skills
7.       Information management
8.       Interpersonal skills
9.       Creativity and critical thinking
10.    Analytical skills
11.    Presentation skills (oral communication)
12.    Written communication skills
13.    Career marketability
14.    Teamwork
15.    Managing change
16.    Planning

Talented and highly qualified health care administrators and leaders are necessary to the success of the health care industry. INLEAD’s Healthcare Administration Program blends both these requirements together to form one of the top health care administration post graduate programs in Delhi NCR.

Our mission at INLEAD  is to provide a high quality educational experience to enhance the practice of health care administration by preparing individuals for management and leadership roles in the field.

Healthcare Administration is created for all healthcare professionals, both clinical and non-clinical, who wish to improve their management and leadership capabilities. It is also important for managers in the health technology, pharmaceutical and allied health sectors.

You are the future! Healthcare Industry is on a boon and is here to stayJ!

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