Friday, August 2, 2013

Event Management & PR: Industry Expert Session (Mr. Atul Chabra)

INLEAD facilitated an Industry Expert session for Event Management & Public Relations January, April & July 2013 Batch (MBA 1st year & MBA Lateral) students on 2nd August 2013. The session was conducted by Mr. Atul Chabra, Director, Enthuse Answers Communications (P) Ltd on the topic “Role of Marketing & Branding in Events”.
The session began with Mr. Chabra introducing the class to the concept of “Life in an era of acceleration” with the help of a great video which depicted the future quite closely. He encouraged the students to think and state what, according to them, induces restlessness in the minds of customers and hence the changing market.

He then further explained how marketing & branding play a role in today’s dynamic market. Some questions like; Why we need events? ; What does it do for a brand? ; He also explained the argument of why branding should be Consumer Centric or Brand Centric. He discussed how factors like branding & advertising affect the ever-changing Consumer Purchase decisions. How the advertising model AIDA is also changing with the changing demands of consumers and hence their purchasing power also.

The session concluded with the discussion on “How important is Content/Concept for any event or event or marketing campaign. Students had a great learning experience from the session.

According to Mr. Arjun Kaul (Event Management & PR): "The Lecture gave us critical insights about event management. A well explained concept with some of the wonderful examples ever. It was very informative and useful for our future endeavors."

According to Mr. Daljeet Singh (Event Management & PR) "It was a nice experience with good subject knowledge extended to basically emphasized on the fact that why and where we should focus as a future event managers."


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