Friday, August 26, 2016

Carpe Diem

We celebrated India’s 70th Independence Day this year on the 15th of August. A huge contingent from India is out there in Rio, Brazil for Olympics and yet all we seem to be talking about is increasing earnings for our farmers, of including Dalits in our everyday lives and of fighting battles with terrorists in Kashmir.

We talk from the ramparts of the Red Fort like we are still under the clutches of East India Company. It would be the day when our Prime Minister isn’t talking about the malaises due to open defecation, due to unemployed youth and due to corruption.

We really need to seize that day! Carpe Diem..

I wait for the day when our Minister for Sports is not embarrassing us with his selfies and antics of his undisciplined entourage; for the day when a Shobha De’s pessimistic tweet prediction doesn’t come true; and for the day when our world number 1 shuttler doesn’t blame her knee for her loss from a 61st seed.

I wait for the day when at least halfway into Olympics extravaganza we have atleast a couple of golds in our kitty; when more athletes participate in more number of games; and when the number of players travelling far exceeds that of the accompanying government babus.

We need to seize that day! Carpe Diem..

Can we not have a team that plays seven rugby, beach ball, hand ball, that pole vaults? Can we not have a better system of sports in India where parents are not paranoid about their kids’ career when they choose sports over academics? We need to find that day when facilities in schools are stretched to accommodate children who want to pursue sports seriously and not as a 6-8 pm outing; when parents do not have to worry about their kids’ diet which gets taken care of by schools; and when there are ample monetary opportunities in the field of sports.

I dream of a nation whose PM addresses the nation from a modern sporting arena and encourages its youth to go play and make money and bring laurels to their country. If you don’t believe in my dream, watch the happiness and sunshine on the faces of Michael Phelps’ mother and wife, you will love it. Imagine the feeling of procuring 23 gold medals across multiple Olympic presences. I want that sun shine over India.

I want India to seize that day! And seize it real soon!

Carpe Diem...

- Ms. Monica Mor, Sr. Faculty, INLEAD 

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