Friday, October 25, 2013

Why distance learning should be a big NO NO!

It is very important for a student to know the plus and minus points before he/ she opts a mode of study.
Despite the popularity of distance learning programs, they have several drawbacks.

Let’s discuss a few disadvantages of Distance learning:
  • Distance learning is isolated
  • Distance learning lacks social interaction
  • Distance learning format isn’t ideal for all learners
  • Some employers don’t accept online degrees
  • Distance learning requires adaptability to new technologies
  • Distance learning lacks student motivation
  • Distance learning lacks immediate feedback
  • Distance learning might involve hidden costs
  • Distance learning involves the risk of fraudulent and invalid degrees
  • Distance learning lacks oral communication skills
  • Distance learning lacks quality assessment and feedback, which hinders learning]
  • Distance learning lacks digital literacy

However, INLEAD offers all Full time courses which are of great advantage to students. Even while recruitments and placements a student who has pursued a full time course is always preferred over a student who has studied from a distance learning institute.

Courses offered at INLEAD are:

      1)      International Hotel Management
      3)      Healthcare Administration
      4)      Infrastructure Management

Why should you choose to study at INLEAD?
  •  Full time courses
  • 100 % interaction between students and professors
  • 100 % knowledge about digital literacy
  • Personalized academic progression
  •  Format provided ideal for students
  • Immediate feedback is provided to the students
  • Recognized degree is offered in collaboration with Mewar University
  • Extensive industry expo
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Monday, October 21, 2013

EVENT Management and Public Relation INDUSTRY: A Broad Overview

Wiki Definition: Event Management is the application of project management to the creation and development of festivals, events and conferences.

Wikipedia defines an 'event' as any type of a gathering, ceremony, competition, convention, happening, festival, media event, party or sporting event an exhaustive definition, in every way symbolic of the events industry today.

Events include: weddings, concerts, International Conferences, Seminars, Television Based Events, Exhibitions, special occasions, corporate events, Road Shows, fashion shows, award nights.

Gone are those days when functions, weddings, birthdays etc were self-organized. Today there is a great demand for event managers. From the smallest event like a theme birthday party to a large scale event like a wedding individuals require wedding and event planners to put across the show.

The size of the organized events and activation sector is estimated at around INR Rs.2800 Crore.This value represents the revenue of events, and activation agencies, it also includes the value of meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions (MICE).

Event management at one time was about planning, organizing and executing a project/activity such as parties, weddings, product launches, conferences, etc. Today, it encompasses a wide range of profiles that offer thrilling opportunities to those who have a keen interest in this particular segment.

Celebrations like birthday parties, which earlier were simple family affairs, have now turned into glitzy events where people want theme docor and celebrity appearances. It is the event management company that is helping them put all of this in place, of course at a price tag.

The event industry is no longer considered an organization run by students, kids etc. With the event companies now being rated by bodies like the Conderation of Indian Industry (CII) and Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) and media houses investing in them heavily, the industry is now organized and run by professionals, an aspect that has brought with it a certain respect to the profession,' shares Thanush Joseph, director, marketing, Seventy Events and Media Group.

Various Sectors---

Wedding Management:

The big fat Indian wedding just got bigger and better. The spending power of individuals has increased like never before. No longer are weddings an average affair put together and managed by members of the family. While Indian weddings have always been larger than life affairs. Indian extravagance has touched greater heights & new frontiers of grandeur. People these days prefer destination weddings in exotic locations, they prefer to appoint the best makeup artist, cuisines like there is no end. However this trend is still largely restricted to the elite and upper middle classes.

Fashion shows since the past decade or even more have always been highlighted in our country. With several fashion weeks Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week, Lakme Fashion Week & award nights like IIFA, TOIFA to name a few. Film and television awards were being instituted in the last couple of years, the demand for event planners who can organise the chaos has a great demand now.

Sports Management:

When you talk of sports how can you forget the emergence of the ‘Indian Premier League (IPL)’,  IPL introduced to cricket a corporate identity which was never seen before.

Post the Commonwealth Games sports like Formula 1, tennis, boxing have gained high popularity.

Features of an event:
  • A unique occurrence that does not happen very often
  • Held for a purpose
  •  Limited duration
  • Temporary set up
  •  Happens with a live audience

An exciting career option, upcoming and a thrilling profession

The career avenues at INLEAD are broadly divided three sectors: 

1)    Event Operations:
  • Event planner
  • Wedding planner
  • Artist Manager

2) Event Marketing:
  • Business Development Manager 
  • Client Servicing Manager
  • Account Manager

3) Public Relations:
  • Public Relations Officer 
  • Brand Manager
  • Corporate Communications Manager 


The event management industry is known to pay well
Stipend: 10k-15k PM
Post experience – sky is the limit, you can earn as high as 2 lac per month

Drawback & Challenges:

·         High entertainment tax
·         Lengthy procedure for import of equipment’s
·         Lack of infrastructure
·         Lack of manpower

What drives this industry?

·         Rise of wedding and other family events
·         Increase in sports events
·         Increase in corporate events
·         Increase in below the line activities

Key Trends:
·         Foreign companies entering into India
·         Event Management courses in the offering

We can conclude by saying that it is only the event industry which includes event planners which are helping in fulfilling peoples wishes by showcasing grandeur events.

Event Industry is only going to become BIGGER & BETTER!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Social Networking: Pros & Cons

Social networking today which broadly includes the use of websites like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn & apps like whatsapp, viber, tango are considered to be thee most powerful and the fastest mode of communication among today’s generation.

Social Media has become a part of the daily routine for many. Opening Facebook as soon as you wake up is not anymore considered to be an abnormal activity. It’s as important as brushing teeth and having breakfast.:)

In the professional work space these days, Social Media’s presence is being highly accredited. What about education?  Is Social Media a good thing or a bad thing for students?

For most of us indulgence in social media activities includes posting daily status messages, uploading photos, sharing quotes which are uploaded on various fan pages and other nonsensical fun things.. But that’s not it; Facebook can be extremely beneficial at the same time.  

Let’s discuss the pros & cons of being active on the social media front…

  • Increases student engagement
  • Bridges the gap between students and teachers
  • Encourages discussion and collaborations
  • Spreads awareness / latest  happenings / information
  • Excellent and Quickest  mode of communication
  • Large coverage to a larger audience
  • Great medium to promote business / increase traffic on websites
  • Distraction and Addiction for students
  • Cyber bullying
  • Waste of time
  • Encourages the use of slang language
  • Discourages communication skills
  • Excess of information
  • Loss of privacy
  • Virtual space, cannot replace real communication
  • Negligence of family members

After reading the above pros and cons, we come to the conclusion that excess of anything & everything is bad, be it social networking in this case. We must know where to draw a line and absorb only the amount which we think will be beneficial for us as students and ignore or let go of the things which hold not much value to us. There are countries where the use of social networking sites is blocked for example Facebook is blocked in Syria & Iran, YouTube is blocked in Thailand, Turkey, Pakistan, China, Brazil, Iran, MySpace is blocked in Indonesia.

A study also reported that the most censored site was YouTube where we found reports of nine countries that had censored the site over the last few years. We as individuals belong to a country wherein we are given the benefit or privilege of using such sites; in return we should respect the fact and not misuse the freedom given.

Social Media is the FASTEST & QUICKEST medium to reach a particular target audience and nothing will replace this mode of communication in the coming days, months or years.


Thursday, October 10, 2013

First Day of Internship? Some DOs & Don'ts

Just a couple of hours left, when students of INLEAD first step into the corporate world as ‘INTERNS’.
Today 10th October at INLEAD we had Mr. Jayant K. Sood, Head – Corporate & Company Secretary, INDO RAMA SYNTHETICS (INDIA) LTD give a talk on what to expect in the corporate world, as for most of the students tomorrow, 11th October is the first day of Internship. 

Mixed emotions were floating in the seminar hall.  Some were full of anxiety. Some were curious; some looked afraid and hesitant in entering the corporate world. Nevertheless we had students who were extremely excited at the same time. This timely talk by Mr. Jayant K Sood was held in order to make the students understand how they should portray themselves during their internship.

Mr. Jayant  K.Sood started his talk by saying, “Believe in yourself”. Further to which he elaborated by saying that each individual should have a positive notion and shall believe in her/ himself.  He also said, “What you think you become”.

Mr. Jayant K.Sood addressed the students by mentioning some of the do’s and dont’s that they should keep in mind while entering the big bad world – “The Corporate”.

Firstly he stated that, to rise in any organization you must keep your integrity high leaving behind your ego, hatred, jealousy and other negative elements which might hamper your individuality and growth.

      1)   Set targets
      2)   Punctuality
      3)   Ask Questions 
      4)   Plan your day
      5)   Observe
      6)    Maintain Balance
      7 )  Focus

      1)   Be negative
      2)    Restrict yourself to one vertical
      3)    Pass Remarks

      Mr. Jayant K.Sood further concluded the two hour session by saying that individuals/ students having a   strong belief system can survive and reach great heights in any organization. They need to understand that wherever they go, they can become No.1 and when you are disciplined, focused and a good planner nothing in this world can stop you and sky is the limit for those who come from the same school of thought.
      Towards the end, the students had a smile on their faces and looked super enthusiastic for the big day which is tomorrow.

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