Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Expert Lecture on 'Wedding Management' by Mr. Sharad Mathur, Director – EMG Entertainment Pvt. Ltd

INLEAD facilitated an industry expert workshop for students aspiring to become wedding planners in the coming years. Mr.Sharad Mathur, Director EMG Entertainment conducted this workshop. He closely works on corporate events and has recently stepped into the wedding industry.

The agenda of the expert lecture focused largely on Wedding Management which included both domestic weddings and destination weddings.

We all know that ‘weddings’ are the most important event in a lifetime for the bride and bride groom and equally important for the parents.                                        

As a wedding planner himself, Mr.Mathur said, “There are no re-takes; you are as good as your last event/ wedding”.

It was a superb session, everyone was happy, as we all have been associated  closely with a ‘wedding’ at least once till now.

“A wedding is the most valuable, most awaited, most important day of your entire existence” so plan it well says Mr.Sharad Mathur.

But, weddings are just not about the fancy décor, the food, and the clothes!

A lot of hard work is put in the making of this event. For a wedding planner, it’s not glamour but the hard work which is required behind the scenes.
A wedding planner is solely responsible for fulfilling the dreams of the bride, the groom , the family...

Brides, bride grooms and their parents can be very emotional during the wedding planning process and on the wedding day. As their wedding planner, you are often their confidant, psychologist and mediator says Mr.Mathur.

Mr.Mathur discussed the major challenges he faces in this industry. 

Pre-requites for a Wedding Planner:

  1.           Know the budget of the wedding, the functions etc. 
  2.           Discuss in detail the nature of the wedding 
  3.           Know the culture, rituals, and traditions of every community. Be it a Muslim wedding, Hindu wedding, Jain wedding etc.) 
  4.           Maintain a good rapport with vendors (food vendors, décor vendors etc.) 
  5.           Suggest newer and innovative concepts to your client, do a thorough study on the type of stages, the entrance, the mandap etc. 
  6.           It is essential to understand the dream of the family, and as a planner it is your duty to change their dreams into reality. 
  7.           Set reasonable timelines for yourself. Don’t over commit to your client. Avoid making false promises. 
  8.           Prepare a customized plan for your client, which definitely should be in their favour. 
  9.           Help the client with budgeting, the expenditure involved etc. 
It was a very interactive session. The students thoroughly enjoyed. Mr.Mathur also showcased his work by showing glimpses of some videos and photographs.

He concluded the lecture by expressing his appreciation for the tremendous exposure INLEAD extends to its students. He added that, “INLEAD is an excellent platform for each student.”


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