Thursday, December 12, 2013

Event management and PR : Mr.Ajay Sharma's take on 'Branding & Advertising'

INLEAD facilitated an Industry Expert Workshop by Mr.Ajay Sharma for students pursuing Event Management & Public Relations at INLEAD.

Mr. Sharma is associated with the Leading  marketing firm providing today's marketers with best-in-class strategic and creative services that meet their brand-building needs across all communications channels – McCANN WORLDGROUP.

He discussed a lot of attributes and pre requisites that you require to build your own ‘brand’ in the market. He also taught students that being a brand manager of a brand anytime in the future you should know how to pollute the consumers mind only then will you be successful.

 Coming to what we understand by ‘brand’ – in totality it means an association or an identity which you make for your product. He then dwelled on the academic definitions of Brand Equity and Brand Language and how brand managers take any route in establishing the Brand Equity.

Mr. Sharma says, “Branding facilitates consumer purchase decisions. “He also mentioned that, “Marketing Communication, is no science or arithmetic alone, it is an art form.” Further to which he elaborated by saying, It’s a craft we need to learn and evaluate an art form. One needs to understand the intricacy of the craft.

He self-proclaimed few rules for establishing brands which he has formulated with the help of his experience in this field.

Rule 1: Theory of how to pollute consumers and make them brand loyal
Rule 2: Treat them well, make them feel special. And “we love it”
Rule 3: Hard Sell not the Best Sell
Rule 4: World is after us, why left behind?
Rule 5: Heart over Brains (Minimize their brain use)
Rule 6: Promises make it sound genuine
Rule 7: Check your diary, easy catches aren’t memorable
Rule 8: Help them dream & enter into their dreams
Rule 9: Share a secret & Share it with everyone
Rule 10: When it’s time to hit- HIT HARD 

Post this; Mr. Sharma also discussed the ‘Brand Culture’ with the students. He elaborated on the following:

LOGO ->Story & Culture ->Packaging ->Shoppers Marketing->LOGO

He also emphasized on the different archetypes which the brand managers need to sort and position for their brand. He cited few examples for example:
1) creator is the type of an archetype which helps us craft something new. Example: APPLE
2) lovers is the type of archetype which helps us in having a good time. Example: Chanel, Gucci

The class was also engaged in a group activity wherein they were to devise and plan the creation of a need of a particular product for the consumers.

To conclude, the session was very fruitful and enlightening. It was very interactive and productive.

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