Thursday, December 19, 2013

Medical Tourism in India: A Mix of Leisure, Relaxation together with Wellness and Healthcare

Medical Tourism is popularly known as health tourism, medical travel or global healthcare is a term which is used to describe the rapidly-growing practice of traveling the world in search to obtain better healthcare.

Today, we will talk about the emerging trend of health tourism in India and how India has been able to capture the market in this industry…
It’s great to know that, Medical Tourism is a fast growing sector in India. India’s medical tourism sector is expected to experience an annual growth rate of 30%, making it a $2 billion industry by 2015.

Reasons for Increase in Medical Tourism in India:
1)      Cost Effective
2)      Affordable international travel
3)      Improving standards in technology
4)      Highly qualified doctors
5)      Five star medical facilities
6)      No language problems
7)      Highly sought after tourist destination
Process involved in Medical Tourism:

1) The person seeking medical treatment abroad contacts a medical tourism provider
2) The patient has to provide a medical report, including the nature of ailment and the medical history.
3) Post the signing of the consent bonds and agreements, the patient is given recommendation letters for a medical visa, which is to be procured from the concerned embassy.
4) The patient travels to the destination country, where the medical tourism provider assigns a case and an executive, who takes care of the patient's accommodation, treatment and any other form of care which is required.
5) Once the treatment is done, the patient can remain in the tourist destination or return home.

Medical Tourism in India or Health Tourism in India is a developing concept wherein people from world over visit India for their medical and relaxation needs. Most common treatments are heart surgery, knee transplant, cosmetic surgery (hair transplant, liposuction) and dental care. The reason India is a favorable destination is because of its infrastructure and technology in which is in par with those in USA, UK and Europe.

Medical Tourism in India is here to stay...

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