Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Hard Work OR Smart Work?

There are two kinds of people in this world. The first category consists of those who use hard work as the climbing ladder towards reaching the top. On the other hand, the second category consists of a totally different kind of people. This category includes people who do not necessarily reach the top but they survive on smart work. 

In this competitive world, we must work hard to achieve our targets and goals. At every stage in life, we need to compete with each other. Today, we shall discuss what we understand by ‘Hard Work v/s Smart Work.’

There is a thin line between ‘Hard Work’ and ‘Smart Work’ and equal weightage is given to both these terms.

Planning and assessment is required in both, while working hard as well as working smart.

It is important that
before you plunge into something, you need to be enthusiastic and excited. Give yourself enough time. Sit back and think about the pros and cons and accordingly set realistic goals for yourself.
Prepare a checklist, jot down pointers and follow it in that order. It prevents duplication.

Learn to say no. Avoid over-scheduling yourself and be realistic about what you can accomplish in a single day.
Limit your goals. Choose one thing at a time and give it your 100%.

Let’s understand the difference between ‘Hard Work’ & ‘Smart Work’?

     1) Hard Work means working most of the time and putting a lot of hours. Whereas, Smart Work means putting in lesser hours and still achieving the target.
     2)  Hard Work may not be productive as compared to smart work. Smart work involves proper planning of the task, hence increases the productivity.
     3) Hard Work might not help us in correcting our mistakes, we might be involved in the same practice which could be incorrect. However while we work smart, we discover and correct mistakes and keep working.
     4) Hard Work for some could be putting in many hours in doing a particular task, and for some smart work is all about how in lesser time, you can achieve more. Smart Work therefore involves being creative.

If we were to choose between one…I don’t think we can, each has its own way of working. Some might keep working the entire day; some might just put in 2 hours, both might resulting in giving similar results. It is difficult to choose. None is right or wrong.  An accurate blend of the two is what is required. When you have enough time, work hard. And when you don’t have enough time and are still expected to give similar results work smart to attain the focused goals.

All the Best!!!

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