Friday, November 29, 2013

Mr. Abhishek Pasricha, General Manager, Optus Sarovar Premier, Gurgaon at INLEAD

INLEAD facilitated an Industry Expert Session for the students pursuing International Hotel Management at INLEAD. The session was conducted by Mr. Abhishek, General Manager, Optus Sarovar Premier, Gurgaon.

Mr. Pasricha began the session with a brief introduction about himself and Sarovar Group mentioning. “The Sarovar group began its operations in India in the year 1996 under the guidance of Mr. Ajay Bakya and Mr. Anil Madhok”. 

Mr. Abhishek Pasricha expressed his views on different segments in the hotel industry. His main focus was on Mid Segment Hotels. Emphasizing the reasons behind mid-segment hotels are the new concept is because the Return on Cost/Investment is lesser, and Returns are faster.

He gave a broad insight and presented facts of the Hotel Industry in general. One of the important facts which he stated was that the Mid Segment Hotels hold about 68% of average occupancy across India.

He talked about a few challenges, which the Hotel Industry in India today faces. One of them was liquor license which is a major concern. 

Talking about Revenue Management, Mr Abhishek, stated that, “Revenue is the blood and parcel of the Hotel Industry”.

The revenue a hotel is generating depends on three broad parameters:
1)    Availability of rooms
2)    Competition in the market
3)     Services provided

As a General Manager of Optus Sarovar Premiere, Gurgaon, he  told the students to sustain in this industry you need to handle your revenues really well.

Mr. Pasricha also discussed about Contract Pricing, BAR, and Dynamic pricing under revenue management.

The students thoroughly enjoyed the session and one of our students, Faraz Khan exclaimed that, “The session was very interesting as we were told about the mid segment hotels and also an insight in Revenue Management.  A very interactive and a great learning experience”.

Introduction to Clinical Services by Dr.Shweta, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi

An industry expert session was conducted on 28th November by Dr.Shweta, a Senior Resident Administrator at Department of Hospital Administration, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Delhi.

This expert lecture was held for the students who are pursuing MBA in Healthcare Administration and have joined the current October’13 Batch at INLEAD.

The session began with asking the students how they would define ‘hospital’ in the best possible way. Post which she gave her definition of a ‘Hospital’ which was, “An integral part of a social and medical organization the function of which is to provide for the population complete healthcare, both curative and preventive & who’s outpatient services reaches out to the family in its home environment”.

Dr.Shweta talked about the various clinical services in a hospital. She discussed in detail about the different types of clinical services like OPD, IPD and ICU.

Detailed description about the structure, process and outcome parameters of OPD Services was discussed in the session. The Functioning of OPD and the types of OPD were also discussed. 

The other topics that were elaborated upon were:

1.  Work flow of OPD

2.   Indoor area of OPD

3.  Planning of premises out-patient department, in-patient department, Operation Theater and Intensive Care Unit.
            4.   Ancillary facilities.

“The session was interactive. We gained a lot of knowledge regarding clinical services in particular”, says Jipin, a student at INLEAD.

Not just Roads, Railways, Power and Electricity…’INFRASTRUCTURE’ is beyond this!

“The physical components of interrelated systems providing commodities and services essential to enable, sustain, or enhance societal living conditions” as defined on Wikipedia.
If earning big is on your mind, go for Infrastructure Management, as it is the next BIG thing in India. When you think about infrastructure per se you just don’t think about the construction of roads, railways, power supply and electricity.  You think about water supply, telecommunication, electrical grids, and waste disposal and so on…

The Planning Commission of India, Govt. of India has stressed on the need and requirement of infrastructural development in India through a number of policies and initiatives for a growing economy of India. The initial projections for infrastructure in the 12th Five Year Plan (FY13-17) is at US $ 1 trillion. This indicates that there is huge investment potential in infrastructure and this certainly translates into a huge scope for careers and employment in this sector.

In the coming years, the demand for infrastructure professionals is going to increase like you just read. This industry is going to experience a booming high, so the placements are not a cause of worry.
We all want India to become the next bog Superpower in the World. For India to become that one of the prime focuses at present especially should be and is on the ‘infrastructure’.

Job Prospects:

The Real Estate and Infrastructure industry offers jobs for positions such as
Chief Site Engineer, Building Maintenance Manager, Property Managers, Real Estate Managers, IT Manager to name a few.

If this career fascinates you, you can pursue a course in ‘INFRASTRUCTUREMANAGEMENT from Indian Institute of Learning and Advanced Development (INLEAD).

The INLEAD Infrastructure Management Program develops in the partaking students, competence in Infrastructure maintenance services for commercial or institutional buildings such as Office Complexes, Shopping Malls, Hospitals, and Hotels etc. The program facilitates an accelerated growth of young professionals into managerial positions administrating the Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, Electronic and IT Infrastructure. The program not only provides an immediate thrust to the successful candidate in the ever expanding Infrastructure Management arena but also ensure realization of their long term career aspiration in a high growth industry.

To enroll fill up the application form today…Your Bright Future Awaits YOU!

MBA in Healthcare Administration Students of INLEAD Visit Max Super Specialty Hospital, Shalimar Bagh

INLEAD facilitated an industry visit to Max Super specialty Hospital, Shalimar Bagh. This visit was for the MBA in MBA in Healthcare Administration students of INLEAD for them to get a broad understanding about the functioning of a hospital and the services it provides to the patients. This visit was held for the fresh batch which began in Oct 2013 (MBA 1st year & MBA Lateral). The students were accompanied by Ms. Ginny Kaushal, Faculty Healthcare Administration at INLEAD.

The visit began with a warm welcome by the HR representative. The HR representative assisted the students for a facility tour. The various areas covered during the facility tour were as follows:
“It was an informative visit which gave us a detailed understanding of the hospital as a system” as told to us by Neeti a student of INLEAD.

Max Super specialty Hospital, Shalimar Bagh is a leading multi-super specialty Hospital providing the highest level of professional expertise and world-class care across all specialties. Max Healthcare Consolidated its position in Delhi & NCR through the launch of its 300 bedded Facility in Shalimar Bagh in November 2011.

1.  Front Office & Reception
·         Reception
·         Lobby
2.  Dialysis unit
3.  Accident & Emergency Department
·         Resuscitation Area
·         Waiting Area
·         Triage
·         Nursing Station
4.  Out Patient Department
·         Registration
·         Preventive Health package
·         Consultation Room
5.  Blood Bank
6.  Overview of Intensive Care Unit

The visit to the renowned super specialty hospital gave students a deep insight about the different services a hospital caters to.
“It was an informative visit which gave us a detailed understanding of the hospital as a system” as told to us by Neeti a student of INLEAD.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Role of Marketing & Branding in Event Management Seminar by Mr.Deepak Madan

This morning, we had Mr.Deepak Madan expressing his views on the marketing and branding of an event management company. Currrently, he is the Founder - Director of his own company called "The Human Entertainment Network (THEN). Prior to this he was associated with the biggie in the event industry ‘Showbiz’.

Post his introduction, he expressed his appreciation for this great initiative by INLEAD for offering a course which is so sector specific that is ‘Event Management & Public Relations’. He added that there are very few institutes in our country which offer this course and today to get a skilled manpower is the biggest challenge one faces in this industry.

Students of Event Management & Public Relations attended this expert lecture to get a fair understanding of the same.

He compared an ‘event’ to a ‘movie’ to begin with. He made this comparison, to make the students understand that there are no re-takes in an event. It is a LIVE medium. One wrong move and the entire rapport with the brand are gone haywire. Everything might be ready and last minute the artist might call to cancel his appearance OR the mike might fail OR the generator konks off...

Mr.Deepak Madan also supported this by making a statement that the event Industry is a ‘thankless job’. Even if you have years of association with a big brand and wrong move on the day of the next event your entire relationship of those past years goes for a toss.

You might have a number of contacts, most of the people might also be your friends but when it comes to work, remember students No ONE is your friend, and they all then become professionals.
It was an interactive session, wherein students asked a couple of questions which were addressed to Mr.Madan. A few of them were:

Q1) what is the scope of the Event Industry?
He answered by saying that, “The Event Industry is growing, there is an increase in the BTL activities”. Further adding, “We are at the tip of the iceberg; we still haven’t got deep into this industry”.

Q2) How does marketing & branding help in the event industry?
“Digital & Social Media are the big two mediums”, says Mr.Deepak Madan.
Secondly, an association with an intellectual company does definitely help…

Q3) How should you market your product/ company etc.?
Mr.Deepak Madan answers this question, by saying that, “There are a few smart tools, with which you can market”. Some of which are:
      1)      Create a Facebook page
      2)      Create a  LinkedIn profile
      3)      Post videos on YouTube
      4)      Post pictures on Flickr

Students were curious to know the challenges Mr.Madan has faced in the 22 years of his career.
He replied, “In a nutshell, the first challenge what I personally face is lack of skilled manpower, followed by lack of awareness and yes last but not the least, the perception among individuals”.

The workshop had students having done their internship at Wizcraft, Mileage Events, Vibgyor and the likes. Students shared their experiences and the challenges they faced while they were interning…

Mr.Deepak maintained that this industry is not at all glamorous; it requires a lot of hard work. He advised students not to run after money, but what they should worry right now is about gaining enough knowledge. Money follows; money is not a challenge in the Event Industry he further adds.

Mr.Madan asked the students that, “while in an organization, get an understanding of how you are adding value in their system”. "Become an asset for the company" he added and concluded the seminar.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Turn your DREAMS into REALITY – Go for International Business Management today!

If travelling across the globe having a secure job and if the tall fancy glassy skyscrapers are the sort of day dream you engage in, a career in international businessmanagement (IBM) may be the way to go about turning it into reality.

Employment avenues are diverse in a developing country like India. Top employers at INLEAD are top notch brands like PRADA, JP Morgan Chase & CO, Landmark, Citigroup, Walmart, Marks & Spencer, Standard Chartered Bank are to name a few…

How you will benefit from pursuing International Business Management from INLEAD?

For a dream career, enroll yourself for an MBA in International Business Management at INLEAD
With the increasing presence of globally operational companies in India and vice-versa, an MBA in international business has become a popular option.

    1)   You will be able to think globally
    2)   You will acquire knowledge of global industry practice  
    3)   You will acquire knowledge of foreign financial markets
    4)   You will learn how to adapt to the living in different cultures
    5)   You will acquire knowledge of international tax systems
    6)   You will build a strong understanding of how culture, infrastructure, government and consumer characteristics affect international marketing
    7)   You will acquire knowledge of strategic planning  
    8)   You will develop skills in strategic planning, decision-making, problem-solving, and technology management

A course like ‘International Business Management’ provides vital details on global business cultures which assist students to get an idea about the management scenario across the world.
By pursuing a degree in International Business Management, you can dig into the benefits and increase your global business knowledge which in turn will help you to get a good job in the international market across the globe.

With a degree in MBAin International Business Management, in your resume you will broaden your horizon to many job opportunities. There are many global firms in India that are on the lookout for fresher’s with such degrees. Hence, to grab this opportunity and to make the most of this booming career make sure you complete your degree in International Business Management from INLEAD.

For a dream career, enroll yourself for an MBA IN IBM at INLEAD…

Friday, November 15, 2013

Towards becoming a better Professional in the Corporate World - Workshop Conducted by Mr.Sandeep Sharma

Yesterday, 14th of November at INLEAD for our Infrastructure and Healthcare Administration students we had Mr.Sandeep Sharma, the Vice President of Earth Infrastructure give the audience a brief understanding of ‘Becoming Better Professionals in the Corporate World”.

To begin with, he asked each and every student to draw a rabbit on a plain sheet of paper. Rule of the game being that no one was allowed to peep into their neighbors rabbits. Mr. Sandeep then told them to leave aside the sheet on which they drew and focus on certain important pointers which he will further be discussing in the workshop.

Things to keep in mind while you step into the corporate world:
    1) Focus on the quality of work rather than quantity of work.
    2)  Know the difference between aptitude and attitude
    3)  Be polite but be firm
    4)  Set achievable targets for yourself
    5)  Be loyal to those absent
    6)  Know the difference between working hard and working smart
    7)  Know the difference between efficiency and effectiveness
    8)  Avoid the ‘cut’, ‘copy’ and ‘paste’ formula  
    9)  Rather than ‘speaking’, ‘reading’ and ‘writing’ focus more on ‘listening’

Things to avoid while you step into the corporate world:
   1) Avoid using nicknames
   2) Avoid chewing gum, pan, supari
   3) Avoid wearing sunglasses and entering the workplace
   4) Avoid leaning on desks while you are at your workstation or in your bosses cabin
   5) Avoid putting hands in your pockets while making a conversation with a colleague/ senior/ boss
   6) Avoid using terms like ‘please’ and ‘kindly’ together in the same sentence

Coming further, he defined few terms which we must often keep in mind while/ before we enter the corporate world.
    1) Character- who you are, when no one is looking   
    2) Aptitude & Attitude: Aptitude- natural talent or skill set,  Attitude-  mindset, outlook or your nature
    3)  Efficiency & Effectiveness: Efficiency- doing things right. Effectiveness- doing the right things
    4)  Body Language- Unspoken language between two human beings in a face to face encounter

It was a fun and and interactive session conducted by Mr.Sandeep Sharma. He recited a few motivational stories also cited real life examples which students could connect with. 

The rabbit which the students drew in the beginning was a personality test and based on the position and the orientation of the rabbit their personalities were determined. Over all it was an interactive session and involved several activities which made it a lot of fun for all the students.

Keep watching this space for more of such talks by famous Industry Experts

Monday, November 11, 2013

International Business Management: An Overview

International Business Management is also known as Masters in International Business across the globe. International Business Management is a post-graduate course designed to provide an advance program in management for those seeking managerial positions in international business organizations, and related industries.International business degrees have become available and have gained popularity in the recent times. This is due to the increasing globalization and the growing number of businesses currently competing on the International platform.

Global businesses are expanding and creating a need for business managers who are well-versed in international business. A quality international business degree can be a wonderful exposure and a great learning for young individuals who are interested in securing a position within the global business market in the World.
If your goal is to improve the performance of businesses competing in a rapidly changing global marketplace, a course in International Business Management will enrich your appreciation of global business and in return will motivate you as well as expose you to ideas that help you face the challenges of globalization more successfully.

Eligibility of pursuing International Business Management at INLEAD:
  •  An undergraduate degree in any discipline
Scope after pursuing International Business Management at INLEAD:
The professionals in international business are required by organizations involved in export import specially export houses, shipping companies/corporations, merchandisers, custom clearing houses, special economic zones, dry ports, ports, logistic companies, transportation corporations ,marine insurance companies, directorate general of foreign trade, banks and financial institutions providing export-import finance & foreign exchange services, pre-shipment and post-shipment quality control labs, export marketing firms, BPO involved in export import business, customer relationship management, International finance, international accounting and international financial management.
The INLEAD International Business Management opens up a wide range of career choice for students.
Top Employers at INLEAD for IBM are mentioned below:
  •     Prada
  •     Landmark
  •     Wills Fargo
  •     Citigroup
  •     Walmart
  •     Marks & Spencer
  •     JP Morgan Chase & CO

Fee Structure

MBA 1st Year
Admission Processing Charges
Rs. 70,000
Instalment I
Academic Tuition Fee
Instalment II
Academic Tuition Fee
Security Deposit*
Rs. 20,000
Instalment III
Academic Tuition Fee
Rs. 70,000
Total Fee Payble After first year
Rs. 3,00,000
MBA 2nd Year
Instalment IV
Academic Tuition Fee
Instalment V
Academic Tuition Fee
Instalment VI
Academic Tuition Fee
Rs. 60,000
Total Fee Payble After second year
Rs. 2,00,000
Grand Total
(Optional) International Internship/Placement Facilitation Charges+
*Refundable after the completion of the program subject to clearance of all dues(if any) 
+Applicable only for students opting for International Internships. All costs associated with obtaining passports or entry visas; insurance, international and internal airfares will be borne by the student as per actuals.

Advantages of pursuing International Business Management at INLEAD:
  • Helps students develop cultural skills
  • Helps students develop business competencies
  • Prepares you for challenges in today’s complex global business environment
  • Learning on how organizations operate in different countries at the same time
  • Leaning on IT skills, including use of financial and statistical software
  • Gain opportunities to learn and practice a range of intellectual, interpersonal an technical skills relevant to international business and management
  • Guest lectures from renowned experts
  • Broad understanding of multinational and cross-cultural business

Salary Information:

If you enjoy working in business on an international level, earning a post graduate degree is the fastest way to find a job in this field.

With applications across a spectrum of industries, salaries will vary depending on what type of business you specialize in, who you work for and where. 

International business is a really broad field with jobs available in everything from admin to marketing.

How to apply?

Interested candidates should apply on the prescribed INLEAD application form available.You can apply online as well as offline.

Click here to apply now: Online Application Form

At INLEAD we aim to prepare students for the workplace from day one. As a graduate from INLEAD your career prospects will be excellent and we do guarantee 100% placements for all our INLEADers.  

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