Friday, November 29, 2013

Introduction to Clinical Services by Dr.Shweta, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi

An industry expert session was conducted on 28th November by Dr.Shweta, a Senior Resident Administrator at Department of Hospital Administration, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Delhi.

This expert lecture was held for the students who are pursuing MBA in Healthcare Administration and have joined the current October’13 Batch at INLEAD.

The session began with asking the students how they would define ‘hospital’ in the best possible way. Post which she gave her definition of a ‘Hospital’ which was, “An integral part of a social and medical organization the function of which is to provide for the population complete healthcare, both curative and preventive & who’s outpatient services reaches out to the family in its home environment”.

Dr.Shweta talked about the various clinical services in a hospital. She discussed in detail about the different types of clinical services like OPD, IPD and ICU.

Detailed description about the structure, process and outcome parameters of OPD Services was discussed in the session. The Functioning of OPD and the types of OPD were also discussed. 

The other topics that were elaborated upon were:

1.  Work flow of OPD

2.   Indoor area of OPD

3.  Planning of premises out-patient department, in-patient department, Operation Theater and Intensive Care Unit.
            4.   Ancillary facilities.

“The session was interactive. We gained a lot of knowledge regarding clinical services in particular”, says Jipin, a student at INLEAD.

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