Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Role of Marketing & Branding in Event Management Seminar by Mr.Deepak Madan

This morning, we had Mr.Deepak Madan expressing his views on the marketing and branding of an event management company. Currrently, he is the Founder - Director of his own company called "The Human Entertainment Network (THEN). Prior to this he was associated with the biggie in the event industry ‘Showbiz’.

Post his introduction, he expressed his appreciation for this great initiative by INLEAD for offering a course which is so sector specific that is ‘Event Management & Public Relations’. He added that there are very few institutes in our country which offer this course and today to get a skilled manpower is the biggest challenge one faces in this industry.

Students of Event Management & Public Relations attended this expert lecture to get a fair understanding of the same.

He compared an ‘event’ to a ‘movie’ to begin with. He made this comparison, to make the students understand that there are no re-takes in an event. It is a LIVE medium. One wrong move and the entire rapport with the brand are gone haywire. Everything might be ready and last minute the artist might call to cancel his appearance OR the mike might fail OR the generator konks off...

Mr.Deepak Madan also supported this by making a statement that the event Industry is a ‘thankless job’. Even if you have years of association with a big brand and wrong move on the day of the next event your entire relationship of those past years goes for a toss.

You might have a number of contacts, most of the people might also be your friends but when it comes to work, remember students No ONE is your friend, and they all then become professionals.
It was an interactive session, wherein students asked a couple of questions which were addressed to Mr.Madan. A few of them were:

Q1) what is the scope of the Event Industry?
He answered by saying that, “The Event Industry is growing, there is an increase in the BTL activities”. Further adding, “We are at the tip of the iceberg; we still haven’t got deep into this industry”.

Q2) How does marketing & branding help in the event industry?
“Digital & Social Media are the big two mediums”, says Mr.Deepak Madan.
Secondly, an association with an intellectual company does definitely help…

Q3) How should you market your product/ company etc.?
Mr.Deepak Madan answers this question, by saying that, “There are a few smart tools, with which you can market”. Some of which are:
      1)      Create a Facebook page
      2)      Create a  LinkedIn profile
      3)      Post videos on YouTube
      4)      Post pictures on Flickr

Students were curious to know the challenges Mr.Madan has faced in the 22 years of his career.
He replied, “In a nutshell, the first challenge what I personally face is lack of skilled manpower, followed by lack of awareness and yes last but not the least, the perception among individuals”.

The workshop had students having done their internship at Wizcraft, Mileage Events, Vibgyor and the likes. Students shared their experiences and the challenges they faced while they were interning…

Mr.Deepak maintained that this industry is not at all glamorous; it requires a lot of hard work. He advised students not to run after money, but what they should worry right now is about gaining enough knowledge. Money follows; money is not a challenge in the Event Industry he further adds.

Mr.Madan asked the students that, “while in an organization, get an understanding of how you are adding value in their system”. "Become an asset for the company" he added and concluded the seminar.

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