Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Turn your DREAMS into REALITY – Go for International Business Management today!

If travelling across the globe having a secure job and if the tall fancy glassy skyscrapers are the sort of day dream you engage in, a career in international businessmanagement (IBM) may be the way to go about turning it into reality.

Employment avenues are diverse in a developing country like India. Top employers at INLEAD are top notch brands like PRADA, JP Morgan Chase & CO, Landmark, Citigroup, Walmart, Marks & Spencer, Standard Chartered Bank are to name a few…

How you will benefit from pursuing International Business Management from INLEAD?

For a dream career, enroll yourself for an MBA in International Business Management at INLEAD
With the increasing presence of globally operational companies in India and vice-versa, an MBA in international business has become a popular option.

    1)   You will be able to think globally
    2)   You will acquire knowledge of global industry practice  
    3)   You will acquire knowledge of foreign financial markets
    4)   You will learn how to adapt to the living in different cultures
    5)   You will acquire knowledge of international tax systems
    6)   You will build a strong understanding of how culture, infrastructure, government and consumer characteristics affect international marketing
    7)   You will acquire knowledge of strategic planning  
    8)   You will develop skills in strategic planning, decision-making, problem-solving, and technology management

A course like ‘International Business Management’ provides vital details on global business cultures which assist students to get an idea about the management scenario across the world.
By pursuing a degree in International Business Management, you can dig into the benefits and increase your global business knowledge which in turn will help you to get a good job in the international market across the globe.

With a degree in MBAin International Business Management, in your resume you will broaden your horizon to many job opportunities. There are many global firms in India that are on the lookout for fresher’s with such degrees. Hence, to grab this opportunity and to make the most of this booming career make sure you complete your degree in International Business Management from INLEAD.

For a dream career, enroll yourself for an MBA IN IBM at INLEAD…

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