Friday, November 29, 2013

Not just Roads, Railways, Power and Electricity…’INFRASTRUCTURE’ is beyond this!

“The physical components of interrelated systems providing commodities and services essential to enable, sustain, or enhance societal living conditions” as defined on Wikipedia.
If earning big is on your mind, go for Infrastructure Management, as it is the next BIG thing in India. When you think about infrastructure per se you just don’t think about the construction of roads, railways, power supply and electricity.  You think about water supply, telecommunication, electrical grids, and waste disposal and so on…

The Planning Commission of India, Govt. of India has stressed on the need and requirement of infrastructural development in India through a number of policies and initiatives for a growing economy of India. The initial projections for infrastructure in the 12th Five Year Plan (FY13-17) is at US $ 1 trillion. This indicates that there is huge investment potential in infrastructure and this certainly translates into a huge scope for careers and employment in this sector.

In the coming years, the demand for infrastructure professionals is going to increase like you just read. This industry is going to experience a booming high, so the placements are not a cause of worry.
We all want India to become the next bog Superpower in the World. For India to become that one of the prime focuses at present especially should be and is on the ‘infrastructure’.

Job Prospects:

The Real Estate and Infrastructure industry offers jobs for positions such as
Chief Site Engineer, Building Maintenance Manager, Property Managers, Real Estate Managers, IT Manager to name a few.

If this career fascinates you, you can pursue a course in ‘INFRASTRUCTUREMANAGEMENT from Indian Institute of Learning and Advanced Development (INLEAD).

The INLEAD Infrastructure Management Program develops in the partaking students, competence in Infrastructure maintenance services for commercial or institutional buildings such as Office Complexes, Shopping Malls, Hospitals, and Hotels etc. The program facilitates an accelerated growth of young professionals into managerial positions administrating the Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, Electronic and IT Infrastructure. The program not only provides an immediate thrust to the successful candidate in the ever expanding Infrastructure Management arena but also ensure realization of their long term career aspiration in a high growth industry.

To enroll fill up the application form today…Your Bright Future Awaits YOU!

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