Friday, November 15, 2013

Towards becoming a better Professional in the Corporate World - Workshop Conducted by Mr.Sandeep Sharma

Yesterday, 14th of November at INLEAD for our Infrastructure and Healthcare Administration students we had Mr.Sandeep Sharma, the Vice President of Earth Infrastructure give the audience a brief understanding of ‘Becoming Better Professionals in the Corporate World”.

To begin with, he asked each and every student to draw a rabbit on a plain sheet of paper. Rule of the game being that no one was allowed to peep into their neighbors rabbits. Mr. Sandeep then told them to leave aside the sheet on which they drew and focus on certain important pointers which he will further be discussing in the workshop.

Things to keep in mind while you step into the corporate world:
    1) Focus on the quality of work rather than quantity of work.
    2)  Know the difference between aptitude and attitude
    3)  Be polite but be firm
    4)  Set achievable targets for yourself
    5)  Be loyal to those absent
    6)  Know the difference between working hard and working smart
    7)  Know the difference between efficiency and effectiveness
    8)  Avoid the ‘cut’, ‘copy’ and ‘paste’ formula  
    9)  Rather than ‘speaking’, ‘reading’ and ‘writing’ focus more on ‘listening’

Things to avoid while you step into the corporate world:
   1) Avoid using nicknames
   2) Avoid chewing gum, pan, supari
   3) Avoid wearing sunglasses and entering the workplace
   4) Avoid leaning on desks while you are at your workstation or in your bosses cabin
   5) Avoid putting hands in your pockets while making a conversation with a colleague/ senior/ boss
   6) Avoid using terms like ‘please’ and ‘kindly’ together in the same sentence

Coming further, he defined few terms which we must often keep in mind while/ before we enter the corporate world.
    1) Character- who you are, when no one is looking   
    2) Aptitude & Attitude: Aptitude- natural talent or skill set,  Attitude-  mindset, outlook or your nature
    3)  Efficiency & Effectiveness: Efficiency- doing things right. Effectiveness- doing the right things
    4)  Body Language- Unspoken language between two human beings in a face to face encounter

It was a fun and and interactive session conducted by Mr.Sandeep Sharma. He recited a few motivational stories also cited real life examples which students could connect with. 

The rabbit which the students drew in the beginning was a personality test and based on the position and the orientation of the rabbit their personalities were determined. Over all it was an interactive session and involved several activities which made it a lot of fun for all the students.

Keep watching this space for more of such talks by famous Industry Experts

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