Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hospital Management: Industry Expert Session (Dr. Angel)

INLEAD conducted an Industry Expert Session on 26th September 2012 for its HCA students of July’12 batch. The session was conducted by Dr. Angel Rajan Singh who is a Senior Resident Administrator at AIIMS and was here to present the Indian Perspective on Hospital Management Information System (HMIS) which is a prerequisite in order to start the digitization of information in the Hospitals all across PAN India. Dr. Angel has completed his MBBS from the Govt. Medical College, Patiala and has done his Masters in Hospital Administration from AIIMS, New Delhi.

Dr. Angel’s presentation presented an overview of the healthcare industry, where we stand in the current scenario and what are the Emerging Trends in this industry as medical tourism and pharmaceutical industry played a major role in its exorbitant growth rate. The session helped students to understand the necessity of Hospital Information Systems because of the increase in the information load and as per the Consumer Protection Act it is mandatory for the Hospitals to store patient records for at least 10 years. Dr. Angel’s presentation gave a detailed analysis on the technical part of HMIS explaining the terms like PACS, DICOM and HL7 thoroughly to the students. He also discussed on the six major steps that are required to deploy HMIS in any organization and the standards required for the same. Overall it was a very informative session and helped students to understand the technical aspects of Healthcare Administration.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Management Student: INLEAD's GOT TALENT 2012

INLEAD's GOT TALENT show was organized by INLEADers of Jan and July 2012 batches. The show portrays a huge amount of talent ranging from fashion, dance, music, comedy and theatre. It was a unique experience in itself to see INLEADers showcasing their talents on the IGT platform with confidence and style. On the whole it was a celebration of diverse talent that INLEADers has to offer to the audiences and the alumni. The show was anchored by Mr. Varrun Tyagi and Ms. Charu Jishnu and was executed to perfection with their witty one liner and humorous acts in between the show. IGT began with the traditional Kathak Thumri performance by Ms. Rashika Yadav. The show included clips from behind the stage (done by Akshay Bhatia and Mahrook Salman) depicting the entire journey of preparation of IGT’12. The show continued with Fashion Show showcasing the Desi Tadka style & Panache, Dance Numbers which are gracefully performed on different themes, standup comedy by Vibhor Bhardwaj and a surprise comic act by Tushar Saini and Nipun Gupta that has left everyone rolling on the floor with laughter. It ended with the awards ceremony as Dr. Sangeeta Parijaat, President INLEAD and Mr. RC Gupta, Executive Director at INLEAD acknowledges the winners of INLEAD’s GOT TALENT and participants as well.

The list of winners in each category are as under:
  • Mr. INLEAD: Amit Papreja
  • Ms. INLEAD: Tania Gupta
  • Mr. Popular: Shoaib Parvez
  • Ms. Popular: Rashika Yadav
  • Mr. Personality: Ashish Dhankar
  • Ms. Personality: Aakriti Todi
  • Mr. Confident: Himanshu
  • Ms.Beautiful Smile: Naikesh
  • Best Performance: Comic Act by Tushar Saini & Nipun Gupta
  • Best Performer: Tushar Saini
  • Dance Performance (Solo)- Anjali Nagpal
  • Dance Performance (Group)- Bhangra Group- Jatinder Singh and Karan Kohli

Management Student: Kaleidoscope: Art Showcase (INLEAD's GOT TALENT)

First Day of  INLEAD’s GOT TALENT 2012 ended with Kaleidoscope (Art Showcase). The Art showcasing consist of Sketching, Painting and Best out Of Waste. The challenge was to create something spectacular with limited resources and in a short span of time. Sketching and Painting had individual participants while Best out of waste have 3 teams of two members each. The participants were being tested on their creative skills, uniqueness in their art, time management and the Overall theme. Judges for the following event were Mr. Rahul Dhingra, Mr. Deepak Sharma, Ms. Khushboo Singh, Ms. Bindu Menon and Mr. Navdeep Dalia.

Result for the event was declared on 24th September at the INLEAD’s GOT TALENT awards ceremony.
  • B.Paprao (For Sketching) - Winner
  • Samridhi Sundarani (For Painting) – Winner
  • Amit Papreja and Monika Bhardwaj (Best Out Of Waste) - Winner

Certificate of Appreciation was awarded to the rest of the participants:

Participants in Sketching:
  • Rajiv Debnath
  • Mohit Manhas

Participants in Painting:
  • Manmeet Grover

Participants in Best Out Of Waste:
  • Devika & Charu
  • Prerna & Pratibha

Management Student: Master Chef INLEAD 2012 (INLEAD's GOT TALENT)

The day of festivities had begun with Master Chef INLEAD Cookery Competition. Six Teams (2 member each) had participated in the competition and each has to prepare 3 dishes (A Snack, A Mocktail & A desert). The contestants were judged on various parameters like Taste, Presentation Skills, Time Management, Quantity (Potion Served) and overall Hygiene on their counter. All of the dishes looked tempting and were creating their magic by making everyone palates salivating for more than usual. The connoisseurs were Ms. Khushboo Singh, Mr. Deepak Sharma, Mr. Rahul Dhingra, Ms. Bindu Menon and Ms. Priya Mehta.

Result of the competition was declared on 21st September at INLEAD’s GOT TALENT awards ceremony:

      Aakriti Todi and Tanvi Gupta (Food Mongers) – Winner 

  Amit Papreja and Rahul Kumar (Foody Italiano) - 1st Runner Up
Certificate of Appreciation was awarded to the rest of the participants:
Zaykebaaz - Farhad and Ankita

 Chefsters – Rajiv and Mohit

  Yummy Fooders – Manmeet and Vishal
  Edesia – Devika and Tushar  
Also we would like to give a special shout out to Pratibha Varshney and Ripul Bansal who were in the organizing committee and had played a major role in the success of Master Chef 2012.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Management Student: INLYMPICS 2012 - A Day Packed Full Of Fun And Excitement

Lead Activity - INLYMPICS 2012
INLEAD’s Students Affairs Team had planned INLYMPICS 2012 for INLEADers of Jan and July 2012 Batches on 7th September 2012. The event was a great success and was well received, as students expressed their enthusiasm and participated in huge numbers. The event was yet another opportunity for the students of different batches to mingle with each other and enjoy a day packed full of fun. The day culminated with students participating in games like Chess Championship, Carrom Championship, Play Station 2 and Dart Championship. The event ended with Prize Distribution Ceremony as Mr. R.C. Gupta, Executive Director at INLEAD distributed the prizes and certificates to the winners of different games.

Chess Championship Winners:
Ashish Dhankar – Winner (HCA July 2012 Batch)
Manjul Thakur – 1st Runner up (IHM July 2012 Batch)
Carrom Championship Winners:
Chandragupt Pratap Singh and Mohsin Khan – Winner (EMPR and IHM July 2012 Batch)
Premshankar and B. Paparao – 1st runner Up (IHM July 2012 Batch)
Play station 2 Winners:
Rajeev Debnath – Winner (CAFM July 2012 Batch)
Vibhor Bhardwaj – 1st Runner Up (IHM July 2012 Batch)
Shishir Tiwari - 2nd Runner Up (IHM July 2012 Batch)
Dart Board Championship Winners:
Abhishek Biswas – Winner (IHM July 2012 Batch)
Vishal Tomar – 1st Runner Up (IHM July 2012 Batch)
Jatinder Singh – 2nd Runner up (HCA July 2012 Batch)

Monday, September 3, 2012

Hospital managemnet: Industry Visit - Max Super-Specialty Hospital, Saket

INLEAD conducted an Industry Visit to Max Super-Specialty Hospital in Saket on 3rd September 2012 for its Healthcare Administration students of July’12 batch. The visit started with a warm welcome by the HR representative followed by a facility tour of the East- Wing of the Hospital. The areas that were covered during the facility tour were Blood Bank, In Patient Department, O.T. Complex, Progressive Care and Out Patient Department. Students were briefed about the sub-components of the respective areas by the area in-charge and explained the process flow of the department. 

The students were taken to the various areas, briefed about the sub-components of the respective areas by the area in-charge and explained the process flow of the department. After the round Mr Mehernosh Dittia, VP Talent Development interacted with the students and elaborated the peculiarities of the healthcare consumers and the competencies one need to develop as a healthcare administrator. The session ended with an exquisite lunch arranged by the organization. The visit helped the students to get acquainted with a leading corporate healthcare facility and the functioning and interdependence of the various clinical services.

The later part of the day was utilized as fruitfully as the former by visiting the premier medical Institute of the country. The students were invited as observers for a Healthcare IT meeting in Jai Prakash Narayan Apex Trauma Centre (JPNATC), All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi by Dr. S B Gogia, Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Chairperson Scientific Committee 8th NCMI. The agenda of the meeting was discussing the pros and cons of the VISTA application in use there. 

The first presentation was by Dr.Hardeep Singh, Chief Health policy and Quality Program, Houston VA Health Services Research and Development Center of Excellence. The Topic of presentation was Complex Intersection of EHR & Patient Safety. He highlighted the IT errors, the errors of abnormal test results and concerns of patient safety. The second presentation was given by Dr.Deepak Agrawal, Head IT and Associate Prof, Neurosurgery. The topic of the presentation was Electronic Hospital Reporting (EHR). The emphasis was on the use of VISTA in the JPN Apex Trauma Centre, the issues and challenges faced at the user end. The session concluded with a lavish High tea for the participants arranged by the organizers.

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