Monday, September 24, 2012

Management Student: Kaleidoscope: Art Showcase (INLEAD's GOT TALENT)

First Day of  INLEAD’s GOT TALENT 2012 ended with Kaleidoscope (Art Showcase). The Art showcasing consist of Sketching, Painting and Best out Of Waste. The challenge was to create something spectacular with limited resources and in a short span of time. Sketching and Painting had individual participants while Best out of waste have 3 teams of two members each. The participants were being tested on their creative skills, uniqueness in their art, time management and the Overall theme. Judges for the following event were Mr. Rahul Dhingra, Mr. Deepak Sharma, Ms. Khushboo Singh, Ms. Bindu Menon and Mr. Navdeep Dalia.

Result for the event was declared on 24th September at the INLEAD’s GOT TALENT awards ceremony.
  • B.Paprao (For Sketching) - Winner
  • Samridhi Sundarani (For Painting) – Winner
  • Amit Papreja and Monika Bhardwaj (Best Out Of Waste) - Winner

Certificate of Appreciation was awarded to the rest of the participants:

Participants in Sketching:
  • Rajiv Debnath
  • Mohit Manhas

Participants in Painting:
  • Manmeet Grover

Participants in Best Out Of Waste:
  • Devika & Charu
  • Prerna & Pratibha

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