Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Management Student: INLYMPICS 2012 - A Day Packed Full Of Fun And Excitement

Lead Activity - INLYMPICS 2012
INLEAD’s Students Affairs Team had planned INLYMPICS 2012 for INLEADers of Jan and July 2012 Batches on 7th September 2012. The event was a great success and was well received, as students expressed their enthusiasm and participated in huge numbers. The event was yet another opportunity for the students of different batches to mingle with each other and enjoy a day packed full of fun. The day culminated with students participating in games like Chess Championship, Carrom Championship, Play Station 2 and Dart Championship. The event ended with Prize Distribution Ceremony as Mr. R.C. Gupta, Executive Director at INLEAD distributed the prizes and certificates to the winners of different games.

Chess Championship Winners:
Ashish Dhankar – Winner (HCA July 2012 Batch)
Manjul Thakur – 1st Runner up (IHM July 2012 Batch)
Carrom Championship Winners:
Chandragupt Pratap Singh and Mohsin Khan – Winner (EMPR and IHM July 2012 Batch)
Premshankar and B. Paparao – 1st runner Up (IHM July 2012 Batch)
Play station 2 Winners:
Rajeev Debnath – Winner (CAFM July 2012 Batch)
Vibhor Bhardwaj – 1st Runner Up (IHM July 2012 Batch)
Shishir Tiwari - 2nd Runner Up (IHM July 2012 Batch)
Dart Board Championship Winners:
Abhishek Biswas – Winner (IHM July 2012 Batch)
Vishal Tomar – 1st Runner Up (IHM July 2012 Batch)
Jatinder Singh – 2nd Runner up (HCA July 2012 Batch)

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