Friday, November 24, 2017

Industry Visit for International Business Management batches – Apr’17

Indian Institute of Learning and Advanced Development (INLEAD) organizes various Extracurricular activities for student’s development. As a part of this, an industrial visit has been organized to Parle manufacturing plant, in Neemarana, Rajasthan on 20th Nov 2017. The main aim is to go beyond academics in all possible ways; also it was focused to make students aware about how various activities related to planning, procurement, inventory management, marketing, financing and human resource are carried out in company and organizing an Interactive session with the officials of various departments.
Parle G is an Indian private limited company. It owns the famous biscuit brand Parle G. Parle Biscuits Private Limited is manufacturing a wide range of biscuits – Parle-G, Monaco & Krack Jack as well as other confectionery products like wafers, Fulltos, Namkeen etc. It has factories in Bahadurgarh, Haryana, Rajasthan, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu.

As the students reached the plant,  HR Executive from Parle explained the working of the plant and gave an insightful presentation related to the working of the plant and its production. She also described the functions, benefits of the product and its presence worldwide. They also explained the automation of the plant which follows the highest hygiene standards. Students were taken around the manufacturing plant and were explained about the production and packaging process. They were explained that Parle G has Asia’s largest biscuit baking oven. 

Students also interacted with the staff of the Parle G Plant and were shown videos and presentation of its products. The process in the making is totally automated and is internationally designed keeping in mind the hygiene standards. During the Interactive session, students & faculty member actively participated and asked many questions to clear the concepts. Students also got additional information about recruitment, waste management and CSR policies of the company.
Ms. Jyoti (HR Coordinator- Parle, Neemrana): “INLEAD students are a very enthusiastic bunch & an extremely excited lot with many questions put forth by them.”

Feedback: Student:

  • Sakshi Bhatnagar, MBA in International Business Management Apr’17: “I got to know about the entire process and the huge oven which was 250 feet long was very fascinating.”
  • Ankita Rajput, MBA in International Business Management Apr’17: “The best HR  practices of Parle was very interesting and the fact that the decision making is centralized from Mumbai”

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Industry Exposure for all GMTP Events Management

The activation venue forum is in itself a big event which actually does not need any introduction about it because people who belong to event industry know about it.

It is platform which provides all stakeholders, event management agencies, different venue owners, and different brands to come up and share their opinion and experiences about the trend, new technology, new ideas and their suggestions about the industry, and to interact about creative ideas and innovations which helps them to grow in many possible ways which lead them towards success.

Students of GMTP Events Management got a chance to participate in TAVF 2017 organised on 8th November’17.

The event was held at “The Veda” on 8th of November 2017, it was a tremendous effort or initiative which was taken by ‘The Umbrella Ageas’ associated by ‘Q events’ supported by ‘EEMA’.

This platform provided students with the opportunity to network with all talented heads present over there, to learn about venues and their different types, how to select a perfect venue for the particular event, to know more about technologies.

TAVF was a first experience for the students as a corporate event and they made the best out of it, and yet many more in que to learn more and gain experience.

Talking about the event it was well organized by Umbrella Ageas, they planned everything accordingly so that they should not lose the connect with the audience, many key speakers were there to share their experiences and guide the audience that how to work efficiently and effectively.

Some of the Key speakers for the day were:
  • Mr. Sabbas Joseph (Founder and CEO of Wizcraft)
  • Mr. Manish Advani, (Head of Marketing Mahindra, Mahindra ssg)
  • Mr. Yogeshwar sharma, (Executive Director of Select Infrastructure Pvt Ltd)
  • Ms. Pushpa Bector (EVP DLF Malls)
  • Mr. Sunil Shroff (CEO of Viviana malls)
  • Mr. Bertrand, (Cam of Musion Canada)
  • Mr. Alexander Koth (Managing Director and Founder of Minodes)
  • Mr. Arun Samuel (Director of Q Events) 

The Event was very well organized and the audience was suitably entertained by the emcees Asif & Aisha, who engaged them in all the activities and entertained them to the best they could. According to our students this event was totally successful in providing a good platform to network and to learn about new innovations and the message which they wanted to convey they did it absolutely amazing.

Quotation / Feedback: Student

Geetraj Sandhu, Sept’17; EM - GMTP: “The event gave us an opportunity to speak with people who are big names in the Events Industry.”
Krishnika Dubey, Sept’17; EM - GMTP: “I loved the fact that before the event started, we got an opportunity to back-stage and understand the importance of Setup.”

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