Friday, June 20, 2014

INLEADers visit Paras Hospital to get an Overview of Hospital and it's Services

INLEAD facilitated an industry visit to Paras Hospital in Gurgaon. This visit was for the students pursuing MBA in Healthcare Administration from INLEAD. The agenda of the visit was mainly to get a broad understanding about the functioning of a hospital and the services it provides to the patients. The students were accompanied by Ms. Ginny Kaushal, Faculty Healthcare Administration at INLEAD.

About Paras Hospital:

Paras is equipped with one of the leading neurosciences center in the region which boasts of all facilities needed for research and surgery in the field of neurosciences. Besides this, it has 55 specialty departments which include medicine, minimal invasive surgery, gynecology, oncology, ophthalmology, dermatology, cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery etc.

The visit started with a welcome presentation and followed by a facility tour of the Hospital. The various areas covered during the facility tour were as follows:

1.        Front Office & Reception
·          Reception
·          Lobby
2.        Out Patient Department
·          Registration
·          Preventive Health package
·          Consultation Room
3.        Overview of Mother & Child Center
4.        Overview of In-patient service
5.        Overview of ICU
6.        Store & MRD

7.        Accident & Emergency

INLEADers Speak: 

Karishma, student pursuing MBA Healthcare Administration  (Batch: MBA 1st Year) says, " A very good learning exposure".

Archit, student pursuing MBA Healthcare Administration (Batch: MBA 2nd Year) says, "The best part of the hospital was the positive attitude of the staff and the organization culture”.

student pursuing MBA Healthcare Administration (Batch: MBA 2nd Year) says, "A very knowledgeable and insightful visit".

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