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What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of ‘Healthcare Administrator'? Many would say, ‘Doctors’ and ‘nurses’. But unfortunately this isn’t true.

Healthcare Administration’ includes careers from people who administer the healing of people to the people who administer the industry. Doctors and nurses cannot function on their own, for their functioning we require healthcare administrators.

Like any other profession healthcare also needs quality managers to maintain a smooth functioning in an organization. They plan and supervise the delivery of services by doctors, nurses, and technicians. Healthcare administrators play an important role in keeping the community healthy.

Healthcare Administration as a profession is constantly evolving and will always be growing and will always need qualified employees.  
Role of the Healthcare Administrators:

1) Decision making which improves the efficiency of the organization
2) Coordination of activities
3) Managing relations with other healthcare provider
4) Establish the procedures and policies of the organization
Healthcare Administrators take on leadership titles such as:
1) Business Development Officer
2) Customer Relations Manager
3) Operations Excellence Manager
4) Patient Care Manager
5) Patient Care Officer
6) Floor Manager
7) Clinical Services Manager
8) Total Quality Manager 
Career Education in Healthcare Administration
Graduates can pursue a PGDM or an MBA in Healthcare Administration. The basic curriculum at INLEAD under healthcare administration covers healthcare management, healthcare industry insights, healthcare marketing and other related topics. These programs are designed to teach students leadership, financial management, economics, law, organizational behavior, quantitative analysis methods, and planning.

Skills required by an Healthcare Administrator:

1) Appropriate education qualification
2) Leadership skills
3) Business planning Skills
4) Communication skills
5) Organizational skills
6) Decision making skills
7) Business planning skills
Your success as a healthcare administrator will depend on your ability to get along with people. You will have regular contact with patients, community members, physicians, nurses, vendors, trustees, and organizational staff. Always strive to develop your skills in working with people, negotiation, and analyzing information.
Healthcare jobs are expected to increase faster than the population during that same time, as the older population increases and improved technology advances life expectancies.

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