Friday, June 27, 2014

10 Steps on becoming a Successful INTERN!

Is it your first day of internship? Don’t be nervous, in 10 simple steps we tell you how you can make your tenure as an intern successful.
1)    Firm Handshake: A firm handshake is what really matters and that is how you can impress your fellow colleagues.

2)    You are not there to make friends: Maintain cordial relations with people around you. Office gossip is the most integral part of any conversation when you start working, but as an intern never indulge in them. Concentrate on the work which is assigned to you rather than socializing etc.

3)    Avoid the use of your phone: Respond to messages and calls only if urgent. Being on the phone unnecessarily might seem unprofessional.

4)    Pick the perfect outfit: An outfit not only adheres to the dress code, but outfits which make you feel very confident.

5)    Don’t be afraid to ask questions: Ask your reporting manager, your recruiter, your colleagues if you have any questions regarding the way things function in the organization etc. You are an intern and are new to the company; it’s absolutely OK to clear all your doubts. Don’t hesitate.

6)    Be Confident: Self-confident is the key ingredient in anything that you do. There is a thin line between a person who is successful and the other  who is striving to be one.

7)    Give your inputs: Give your ideas to simplify processes, find newer and better ways to do the assigned work.

8)    Believe in your capabilities: It is very important for you to know that how badly the company needs you as an intern. So believe in yourself and your capabilities. Don’t forget that they hired you for a reason and they saw potential in you. Do not compare yourself to anyone. Don’t indulge in office politics.

9)    Take initiative: Volunteer for those tough assignments and projects.

10)  Respect your Time: You as an intern might not be mandated to an attendance sheet etc., however make it a point to always reach office on time. To being there on time, is half the battle won.

To be an intern is probably the most exciting opportunity that any college graduate looks ahead to. 

So, go ahead and make the most of this internship!

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