Wednesday, June 25, 2014

10 Steps that will help you turn your INTERNSHIP into a JOB!

If you have started interning and are now wanting to convert that internship into a full time job, here are 10 simple steps if done religiously can increase your chances of getting hired.
     1) Yes, I can’ & ‘Yes, I will’ Attitude: Allow yourself the opportunity to show your skill set and then build trust with your co-workers. Do not refrain yourself from carrying on new projects, after all you have to become a master and earn the position in your organization. 

      2) Communicate among your team members: Always be in sync with what’s happening in your team. Discuss new projects etc. with your team mates. Following up on emails and tasks this always helps.
Do not be afraid to failure: ‘Failure is the key to success’ is a famous saying. As an intern, you will make mistakes; your responsibility will be to learn from them. Keep challenging yourself; do not let failure hold you back.

     4) Prioritize your work: Prepare a to-do list, under any circumstance don’t miss out on deadlines. Set your own deadline for the completion of tasks assigned to you.
     5) Make a mark: Make your presence felt in the organization. Smile, dress professionally and keep working hard in order to perform well.

     6)  Add value: Know the expectations your team has from you and then work towards them. Knowing what you need to deliver should be known extremely well to you. Be an over achiever, pay attention to details and exceed expectations.

Refer to mentor for advice: This mentor can help you accelerate your career. Learn as much as you can from him. Ask him as many questions as you want, he will guide you through.

      8) Keep challenging yourself: Take every task as a challenge. Accuracy and the speed at which you complete the assigned tasks are often measured.
Networking: Stay in touch with everyone you have worked for. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

     10) Make the best impression: It is essential for your organization and your team mates that you have what it takes.

Many employers hire interns to later hire them as full time employees based on their dedication and caliber. So, take an internship as a proving factors to the employer you are working for.

All the Best!

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