Wednesday, June 18, 2014

10 Mistakes Every INTERN Should Avoid

We have compiled 10 mistakes that interns usually make while they step into the corporate world.
1. Getting frustrated or complaining about being bored. Most internship starts slow and build up with time. Not all companies have a structured training program or welcome receptions for new interns. Try finding opportunities to contribute.
2. Dismissing the small tasks. Know that some tasks are just a test, Remember every task builds upon the last, so if you do a mediocre job on the simple things, then there is no way your boss will help you step up to the big projects.
3. Do as asked: it's important to respect what they've been doing, because the job they’ve been doing is from a while and may know things you don't, but if you think that's the case, handle it diplomatically and patiently.
4. Formal Language on Email: A work email shouldn't be written like you are texting your best friend, but many interns tend to forget that. As an intern, it's especially important that you always proofread your emails at least three times before hitting send. A poorly written email can show the boss that you have little interest in the position and aren't taking the job seriously.
5. Waiting:  If you sit back waiting for something to happen, nothing ever will. You need to be proactive, by making the most of your internship to get the most out of it. Either volunteer or do something you think is needed. Help a coworker, or ask for more responsibilities. And always show your willingness to put in the extra work.
7. Asking Unnecessary Questions: It's understood that you will have several questions in your new role, but instead of bombarding your boss every 5-10 minutes, first take a moment to think about whether there's any way you can find the answers on your own.
8. Taking criticism personally: Criticism is all part of the learning process, and not everyone will be polite about it. Don't tolerate bullying or disrespect, but do get used to, that way you'll learn from your mistakes instead of repeating them. You will learn from them.
9. Arriving late: Showing up late for work or to meeting, shows you're irresponsible and do not value time. Arriving late also shows you’re not reliable and could leave a bad impression with your employer.
10. Dressing inappropriately: While some offices celebrate casual Friday. Interns still need to dress professionally, especially if they're going to be interacting with clients and high-level staff. Some organizations allow wearing collared tee shirt but jeans are still not allowed even on Fridays.

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