Monday, May 27, 2013

Management Student : LEAD Activity - "Talk A Lot"

INLEAD conducted a LEAD Activity- Talk A Lot for all the programs of Oct’12 Batch & International Hotel Management Jan’13 Batch on 23rd May 2013. Activity was planned, keeping in mind the challenges faced by the students while speaking in English. It was also observed, during the class interaction, that students were not really aware of the jargons and abbreviation which are commonly used in the corporates.

“Talk A Lot” turned out to be a thrilling and exciting way of learning spoken English for the students.
Faculties have incorporated activities and worksheets for vocabulary building, introduction to corporate phrases and new words, parts of speech etc. to enhance the language skills of the students.

The activity started with an exciting energizer wherein the students were shuffled innovatively and were made to sit in an arrangement with no one sitting on either of their sides. A compiled docket of worksheet and activities were handed over to the students’ before the session.

We began with the familiarization of the parts of speech through an activity followed by a funny video. Various games like crossword, scrabble, stating the meaning of the commonly used business jargons and elaborating the business acronyms  had the students in a delighted state and all were excited to get the answers right. The spell bee, accompanied with the tossing of the koosh ball, had the students vying for their turn as they competed with each other in a friendly manner. The students continued their out of the box thinking by completing the blank animation strip provided in the docket. The activity was brought to a close with a Video of Speech by the American President Barack Obama.

Overall, the students had a fun filled time and also had their language skills brushed during the activity.

According to Ms Shweta Sighania, Event Management and Public Relations Oct’12 Batch – “It was a stimulating day filled with learning and fun.”

According to Mr. Harish Venugopal, International Hotel Management Jan’13 Batch – “Activities like these are fun way to enhance Language (spoken English) skills.”

Friday, May 17, 2013

International Hotel Management : Expert Workshop on Cross Culture Work Environment (International Hotel Management Batches)

INLEAD facilitated an expert workshop for International Hotel Management Jan’13 and April’13 batch students on 16th May 2013. The purpose of the workshop was to give young professionals an overview of the global hotel industry and what are the major challenges that an individual faces to work in a cross culture environment.

Ms. Chakraborty began her session with first asking all the participants to write down their thoughts on what are they expecting out of this session. The students were then asked to share their thoughts. The topic of discussion was “Preparing for Journey: International HospitalityJobs”.The main objective was to get the students introduced to different working styles and how international exposure is essential for hospitality industry for the overall learning and development.

The session was to give students an understanding of what to expect when going international for jobs/internships. The session began with an activity wherein the students had to come up with an “out of the box thinking”. the session covered topics like: what to know about the organization, challenges working in a cross culture environment, ground rules- do’s and don’ts and finally the learning’s which summarized the entire discussion.

The session had a lot of important tips that were shared some of which were: how it is important to have tolerance, attitude for gratitude is very important, and most importantly smile, because this is one thing that would connect you with a guest. The session came to an end with a small meditation exercise.

According to Shyam Sunder International Hotel Management Jan’13 Batch: “My learning’s from the session was the understanding of various challenges and how to tackle those while working in a cross culture environment”.

Infrastructure Management : Workshop on Career Prospects in Facility Management (Mr. Aneesh Kadyan)

INLEAD facilitated an expert workshop for InfrastructureManagement April’13 Batch students on career prospects in Facility Management Industry. The workshop was conducted by Mr. Aneesh Kadyan, Senior Associate Director- CB Richard Ellis South Asia Pvt. Ltd.

The expert session was an insight in to the field of Facility Management with lots of inputs on career & scope in Facility management field for young professional. Students were informed about the current growth rate of the industry domain & the factors that have contributed for the same. Mr. Kadyan also shared the mantras from the facility management guru’s for the young FM professionals and importance of communication, pro-activeness & time management in the field of facility management. Concepts of EMS, Green Building & LEED certification were also shared during the session. 

During his interaction he quoted live examples from the industry and shared his real time experiences about problem solving, decision making & client relationship with the students. The above topics helped the students to identify potential career scope in facility management, do’s & don’ts during facility management operations, the expectation of FM companies & Clients.

According to Mr. Ravinder Singh IM April’13 Batch: “I got a better understanding of the current scenario of the FM industry, which will eventually help me to prepare better for the Industry”

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Event Management : Workshop on Experiential Marketing (Mr. Sharad Mathur)

INLEAD facilitated a workshop for October’12 and April’13 Events Management and Public Relations students on Experiential Marketing by Mr. Sharad Mathur, CEO, EMG – Experiential Marketing and Events.

The session began with Mr. Sharad Mathur introducing the class to the concept of Experiential Marketing. He explained on how experiential marketing was all about creating an experience for the targeted audience. He discussed quoting live examples from the industry, how one needs to be aware of the audience in order to make the right impression by generating an experience.
He discussed regarding the technological advancements in the industry and how the events industry has undergone development with regards to the use of lights and 3D video mapping. He played videos highlighting 3D video mapping which were very invigorating and gave a very good preview of 3D video mapping.

Video Projection Mapping is an exciting new projection technique that can turn almost any surface into a dynamic video display. Specialized software is used to warp and mask the projected image to make it fit perfectly on irregularly shaped screens. When done right, the end result is a dynamic projection installation that transcends ordinary video projection. This was a new concept for the students and was very educational and informative.

Another concept which was introduced and discussed was Augmented Reality. Augmented reality (AR) is a live, direct or indirect, view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data. The videos on the topic were very scintillating and worthwhile.

The introduction to new ideas and concepts gave the students food for thought and made them understand and realize the level of technological advancements in the industry. This would definitely help them for the future and would enable the students in creating the desired experience for the targeted audience.

According to Mr. Tarun Tanwar EMPR Batch: “The lecture would definitely help me to think in a different way I learnt that it is important to connect with the customers and create an experience for them” 
According to Mr. Parth Yadav EMPR Batch: “I really understood the importance of an experience on the targeted audience and this would be very helpful in organizing events in the future”

Healthcare Administration : Industry Visit – Max Hospital, Saket

INLEAD conducted an Industry Visit for Healthcare Administration April 2013 Batch on 14th May to Max Super Specialty Hospital- Saket, New Delhi, to get an overview of a hospital and its departments. 

"Max Hospital” located in the heart of the city is a super specialty hospital & a unit of Devki Devi foundation, one of the premier names in Healthcare domain in the world. It provides strong infrastructure and technical workforce with access to all requisite facilities. They provide an indoor capacity of 490 beds. An unparalleled standard of medical excellence with special focus on service gives them the cutting edge.
This was the second Industry Visit for Healthcare Administration April 2013 Batch. The visit to a super specialty hospital gave students a deep insight into the practical aspects of healthcare delivery and the inter-relationship and significance of each individual department of the hospital.

The Departments visited were:
·      Clinical Areas:
1.       OPD
2.       IPD
3.       ICU

·      Support Areas:
1. Radiological Services
2. Laboratory Services
3. Administration (HR, IT & Marketing)

The visit was concluded by a short question answer session addressed by Mr. Mehernosh Dittia, VP- Talent Development at Max Hospital.

According to Ms. Yachna (Healthcare Administration April 2013 Batch): “The exposure was good & it will help me in my internship to understand the operations better”.

Friday, May 10, 2013

International Hotel Management- Industry Expert Session - Ms. Sonal Pathak, Director- HR, Radisson Blu, Dwarka.

INLEAD facilitated an Industry Expert Workshop on 9th May for International Hotel Management Jan’13 and April’13 batches. The workshop was conducted by Ms. Sonali Pathak, Director- HR, Radisson Blu, Dwarka.

The session began with understanding if the students relate to the concept of an Expert session. The students were guided on how such sessions can help one connecting with the industry. Ms. Pathak made the session very interactive and cleared lot of industry myths that students had, during the workshop. She shared lot of facts on Travel and Tourism industry and graphs were used to validate the points being discussed which made it a very interesting discussion.

Travel and Tourism Industry is the largest employer in the world and it is projected to remain the same, with India being the 4th best country for hospitality business; thus bringing out a great deal of career opportunities for young professionals.

The lecture explained how hotel jobs are dynamic in nature and are very unpredictable, though they are global in nature; it always has a local flavor to it. Ms. Pathak also spoke about how hotel jobs can be very monotonous, but each day it has to be approached with different enthusiasm.

The highlight of the session was the alertness and involvement displayed by the students. The data/graphs shown and discussed taught them how to comprehend stats when presented.

  • According to Shashwat Mishra IHM April’13 Batch: “The detailed figures and updated information of the entire hotel industry and India’s comparison with the global and Asia – Pacific Hotels, I found them to be very informative.”
  • According to Faraz Khan IHM April’13 Batch: “It was not a theoretical lecture; it showed us practical aspects of the hotel industry and the current state of the hospitality industry globally and in India.”

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

LEAD Orientation Activity - Passage To India (April'13 Batch)

INLEAD conducted LEAD Orientation Activity“Passage To India” for all the programs of April 2013 batch on 3rd May 2013. The activity was designed, keeping in mind the blend of students coming from different backgrounds. The biggest challenge for them was to break the ice between each other and be a part of a pre decided team.
The activity was planned in a way where the participants got just a weeks’ time to understand the concept of the activity-“Passage To India”, highlighting the 5 cultures like Kerala, Punjab, Goa, Gujarat and Maharashtra. Further, they were to plan and delegate the responsibilities, prepare the screen play and execute the event. During this period, they met with challenges like Team Conflicts, Budgeting, Presentation, Resource and Time Management.
Though it was a competition, the students showed the spirit of camaraderie and helped each other with their preparation.  The activity gave insight in to team building, creativity and leadership skills.
The display of the various skill sets and the colorful performance by the students made the event a success. The intrinsic detail management and the entertaining performance led to the felicitation of the Punjab Team as winners. Mr. & Miss. Fresher and Best Performer were also awarded by Mr. R.C Gupta, Executive Director to encourage and recognize the individual mettle of students. Following is the list of winners:
  • Mr. Fresher: Shashwat Mishra
  • Miss. Fresher: Aditi Mohan
  • Team Punjab (The Winners): 
  1. Sona Sharma
  2. Neeraj Verma
  3. Ranbir Singh
  4. Tanbir Singh
  5. Parvinder Singh
  6. Priyanka Kale
  7. Preeti Chauhan
  8. Swati Sood
  9. Shweta Ramakrishna
  10. Aparna Sharma
  11. Faraz Khan
  12. Jaswant Kumar
  13. Navjot Singh 
  • Best Performers: 
1st : Tanbir Singh
2nd : Ashutosh Sharda & B. Ravindranath Palliwar 
  • Special Appreciation
  1.  Arun Kumar 
This has initiated the way for the learning of the corporate values and ethics for the students and would serve as a good example for future.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Healthcare Administraiton- Supply Chain Management in a Hospital

INLEAD facilitated an Industry Expert Workshop for Healthcare Administration April’13 & Oct’12 Batch on 1st May 2013. The workshop was conducted by Mr. Gaurav Khurana, Regional Head – Operations, Fortis Healthcare and the topic of discussion was Supply Chain Management in a Hospital.

Mr. Khurana began the session by discussing Material Management which has become a distinct function in a hospital. Depending on the size of the hospital it could be a separate department or in a smaller set up it could be under the care of the Healthcare Manager. Materials in a hospital range from consumables, stationery and management of equipment’s besides the pharmaceuticals and optical goods.

Mr. Khurana discussed all the components of the Supply Chain including all the 5 M’s and highlighted the basic functions of material management. He also elaborated the fundamental principles of Supply Chain Management like Marketing Intelligence, Negotiation, Standardization and Inventory Control Techniques like VED, ABC and FSN Analysis. He explained the different types of expenditure like CAPEX (Capital Expenditure) and OPEX (Operational Expenditure) and the details of procurement process.

  • According to Mr. Abhishek, Oct’12 Batch: “A very Informative session and easy to understand from a student’s perspective.”
  • According to Mr. Tanbir April’13 batch: “The practical solutions discussed for the real time problems will give a better understanding when we enter the industry and handle these issues ourselves.”
To conclude, the session was precise and comprehensive highlighting all the important aspects of the supply chain management.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Workshop on Branding and Marketing by Mr. Ajay Sharma

INLEAD facilitated an Industry Expert Workshop for October’12 and April’13 Event Management and Public Relations students on Marketing and Branding. The workshop was conducted by Mr. Ajay Sharma, Vice President, India Momentum Worldwide - McCann World Group.

The session began with Mr. Ajay Sharma introducing the class to the McCann World Group, one of the largest communications network in the world, offering niche marketing solutions. He then dwelled on the academic definitions of Brand Equity and Brand Language and how brand managers take any route in establishing the Brand Equity.

The discussion centering on the 10 principles to establish the Brand Equity through Touch & Feel, Advertising, Public Relation, Promotions and Communication was very edifying and fruitful. It would definitely assist the students in understanding the strategies utilized for advertising and marketing. The discussion of each principle accompanied with examples from the industry enabled the students to understand them and gain clarity regarding the tactics utilized for Branding and Marketing.
  • According to Ms Aditi Mohan, April’13 Batch: “The session gave me insight that I had to unlearn in order to become better at what I would do.”
  • According to Ms Shweta Singhania, October’12 Batch: “The 10 Golden Rules to build brand equity were very informative and unique.”

The class was also engaged in a group activity wherein they were to devise and plan the creation of a need of a particular product for the consumers. To conclude, the session was very fruitful and enlightening. It was very interactive and productive.

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