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What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of ‘Healthcare Administrator'? Many would say, ‘Doctors’ and ‘nurses’. But unfortunately this isn’t true.

Healthcare Administration’ includes careers from people who administer the healing of people to the people who administer the industry. Doctors and nurses cannot function on their own, for their functioning we require healthcare administrators.

Like any other profession healthcare also needs quality managers to maintain a smooth functioning in an organization. They plan and supervise the delivery of services by doctors, nurses, and technicians. Healthcare administrators play an important role in keeping the community healthy.

Healthcare Administration as a profession is constantly evolving and will always be growing and will always need qualified employees.  
Role of the Healthcare Administrators:

1) Decision making which improves the efficiency of the organization
2) Coordination of activities
3) Managing relations with other healthcare provider
4) Establish the procedures and policies of the organization
Healthcare Administrators take on leadership titles such as:
1) Business Development Officer
2) Customer Relations Manager
3) Operations Excellence Manager
4) Patient Care Manager
5) Patient Care Officer
6) Floor Manager
7) Clinical Services Manager
8) Total Quality Manager 
Career Education in Healthcare Administration
Graduates can pursue a PGDM or an MBA in Healthcare Administration. The basic curriculum at INLEAD under healthcare administration covers healthcare management, healthcare industry insights, healthcare marketing and other related topics. These programs are designed to teach students leadership, financial management, economics, law, organizational behavior, quantitative analysis methods, and planning.

Skills required by an Healthcare Administrator:

1) Appropriate education qualification
2) Leadership skills
3) Business planning Skills
4) Communication skills
5) Organizational skills
6) Decision making skills
7) Business planning skills
Your success as a healthcare administrator will depend on your ability to get along with people. You will have regular contact with patients, community members, physicians, nurses, vendors, trustees, and organizational staff. Always strive to develop your skills in working with people, negotiation, and analyzing information.
Healthcare jobs are expected to increase faster than the population during that same time, as the older population increases and improved technology advances life expectancies.

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10 Steps on becoming a Successful INTERN!

Is it your first day of internship? Don’t be nervous, in 10 simple steps we tell you how you can make your tenure as an intern successful.
1)    Firm Handshake: A firm handshake is what really matters and that is how you can impress your fellow colleagues.

2)    You are not there to make friends: Maintain cordial relations with people around you. Office gossip is the most integral part of any conversation when you start working, but as an intern never indulge in them. Concentrate on the work which is assigned to you rather than socializing etc.

3)    Avoid the use of your phone: Respond to messages and calls only if urgent. Being on the phone unnecessarily might seem unprofessional.

4)    Pick the perfect outfit: An outfit not only adheres to the dress code, but outfits which make you feel very confident.

5)    Don’t be afraid to ask questions: Ask your reporting manager, your recruiter, your colleagues if you have any questions regarding the way things function in the organization etc. You are an intern and are new to the company; it’s absolutely OK to clear all your doubts. Don’t hesitate.

6)    Be Confident: Self-confident is the key ingredient in anything that you do. There is a thin line between a person who is successful and the other  who is striving to be one.

7)    Give your inputs: Give your ideas to simplify processes, find newer and better ways to do the assigned work.

8)    Believe in your capabilities: It is very important for you to know that how badly the company needs you as an intern. So believe in yourself and your capabilities. Don’t forget that they hired you for a reason and they saw potential in you. Do not compare yourself to anyone. Don’t indulge in office politics.

9)    Take initiative: Volunteer for those tough assignments and projects.

10)  Respect your Time: You as an intern might not be mandated to an attendance sheet etc., however make it a point to always reach office on time. To being there on time, is half the battle won.

To be an intern is probably the most exciting opportunity that any college graduate looks ahead to. 

So, go ahead and make the most of this internship!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

10 Steps that will help you turn your INTERNSHIP into a JOB!

If you have started interning and are now wanting to convert that internship into a full time job, here are 10 simple steps if done religiously can increase your chances of getting hired.
     1) Yes, I can’ & ‘Yes, I will’ Attitude: Allow yourself the opportunity to show your skill set and then build trust with your co-workers. Do not refrain yourself from carrying on new projects, after all you have to become a master and earn the position in your organization. 

      2) Communicate among your team members: Always be in sync with what’s happening in your team. Discuss new projects etc. with your team mates. Following up on emails and tasks this always helps.
Do not be afraid to failure: ‘Failure is the key to success’ is a famous saying. As an intern, you will make mistakes; your responsibility will be to learn from them. Keep challenging yourself; do not let failure hold you back.

     4) Prioritize your work: Prepare a to-do list, under any circumstance don’t miss out on deadlines. Set your own deadline for the completion of tasks assigned to you.
     5) Make a mark: Make your presence felt in the organization. Smile, dress professionally and keep working hard in order to perform well.

     6)  Add value: Know the expectations your team has from you and then work towards them. Knowing what you need to deliver should be known extremely well to you. Be an over achiever, pay attention to details and exceed expectations.

Refer to mentor for advice: This mentor can help you accelerate your career. Learn as much as you can from him. Ask him as many questions as you want, he will guide you through.

      8) Keep challenging yourself: Take every task as a challenge. Accuracy and the speed at which you complete the assigned tasks are often measured.
Networking: Stay in touch with everyone you have worked for. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

     10) Make the best impression: It is essential for your organization and your team mates that you have what it takes.

Many employers hire interns to later hire them as full time employees based on their dedication and caliber. So, take an internship as a proving factors to the employer you are working for.

All the Best!

Monday, June 23, 2014

War of the Words: Annual Debate Competition at INLEAD

INLEAD conducted a LEAD Activity War of the Words: Annual Debate Competition on 20th June'14 which was organized for all the programs of October’13, January 2014 and April’14 batch by Priya Mehta & Supriya Massey- LEAD Faculty.

The debate was organized to encourage the students to examine every side of the important and controversial topics provided, in an atmosphere of reasoned argument and respectful discourse. The enormous effort that students put forth to succeed in this intellectually exciting activity was truly inspiring.

The preparation for the activity began last week wherein the topics were provided to the participants. Participants were then divided into main speakers and the interjector team. 

The topics of the debate were:

1. Should India abolish the Death Penalty? Agree or disagree.
2. Is over dependency on technology killing natural creativity in a person? Agree or disagree.
3. Is Foreign Direct Investment good for the development of our nation? Agree or disagree.
4. Is the Reservation/Quota system denying opportunities to the deserving youth from general background? Agree or disagree.

On the day of the debate, the speakers were all charged up and a healthy discussion ensued. Once the speakers finished with their affirmative (in favor of the topic) or negative (opposed to the topic) thoughts, the interjector teams sprang to action with their series of questions in an attempt to gain information and reveal weaknesses in the arguments of the person who had just spoken. The rebuttal team did their best by taking a main point of the speaker’s argument and showing why the other speaker’s argument made more sense. Because a lot of the thinking for this was done quickly, it was one of the most challenging and enjoyable aspects of the day. The jury also directed their questions at the speakers and it was indeed a scintillating discussion.

The day culminated with the following participants emerging as winners:

·  Best Speaker – Abhishek Rana (International Hotel Management- April’14)

·  2nd Best Speaker – Saurabh Kothari (Infrastructure Management- April’14)

·  Best Interjector – Vijeta Chaudhary (International Business Management - January’14)

Overall, it was a day filled with energy and fun with the students gaining benefits like rigorous and critical thinking as a result of their hard work along with confidence to speak in public.

INLEADers Speak:

Sarath Mandala –January’14: “It was a very interesting event. It actually gave us an opportunity to speak in a public setting environment and overcome any hesitation that we have when it comes to addressing an audience”

Vijeta Chaudhary January’14: “The activity was very energetic. Listening to different presenters and the insightful information that was delivered was actually very enlightening”.

Friday, June 20, 2014

INLEADers visit Paras Hospital to get an Overview of Hospital and it's Services

INLEAD facilitated an industry visit to Paras Hospital in Gurgaon. This visit was for the students pursuing MBA in Healthcare Administration from INLEAD. The agenda of the visit was mainly to get a broad understanding about the functioning of a hospital and the services it provides to the patients. The students were accompanied by Ms. Ginny Kaushal, Faculty Healthcare Administration at INLEAD.

About Paras Hospital:

Paras is equipped with one of the leading neurosciences center in the region which boasts of all facilities needed for research and surgery in the field of neurosciences. Besides this, it has 55 specialty departments which include medicine, minimal invasive surgery, gynecology, oncology, ophthalmology, dermatology, cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery etc.

The visit started with a welcome presentation and followed by a facility tour of the Hospital. The various areas covered during the facility tour were as follows:

1.        Front Office & Reception
·          Reception
·          Lobby
2.        Out Patient Department
·          Registration
·          Preventive Health package
·          Consultation Room
3.        Overview of Mother & Child Center
4.        Overview of In-patient service
5.        Overview of ICU
6.        Store & MRD

7.        Accident & Emergency

INLEADers Speak: 

Karishma, student pursuing MBA Healthcare Administration  (Batch: MBA 1st Year) says, " A very good learning exposure".

Archit, student pursuing MBA Healthcare Administration (Batch: MBA 2nd Year) says, "The best part of the hospital was the positive attitude of the staff and the organization culture”.

student pursuing MBA Healthcare Administration (Batch: MBA 2nd Year) says, "A very knowledgeable and insightful visit".

      Stay tuned for more of such updates.  

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Top 5 Reasons to pursue an MBA in Healthcare Administration

The Healthcare MBA is a widely sought after post graduate degree, designed for working professionals who want to expand their knowledge of healthcare management.

The career prospects of an MBA in healthcare degree are very bright as the healthcare industry is growing at a rapid pace.

MBA healthcare programs allow students to acquire business administrative knowledge combined with healthcare. These programs focus on areas such as communication and teamwork, ethical awareness, financial knowledge, healthcare policies, and knowledge integration. Students can prepare themselves for administrative roles in healthcare institutions such as hospitals, clinics, labs, insurance companies, and medical research institutes.

Here are the Top 5 reasons you should be pursuing an MBA in Healthcare Administration: 
  1. Job Satisfaction: Passion, recognition and compensation is what drives an individual today. With a MBA in Healthcare, professionals can pursue their passions by specializing in fields such as healthcare IT, nursing administration, and healthcare finance. Recognition comes as a result of being in high visibility, senior management positions. Healthcare administrators are also well compensated for their hard work.
  2. Excellent Earning Potential: Higher education, results in higher salaries. Nowadays, individuals with a degree in MBA in Healthcare are in great demand, various job opportunities makes it easy for them to negotiate.
  3. Make a Difference: Make a difference to hundreds of lives every day. Healthcare Administrators are responsible to several lives inside the hospital.
  4. Advance your Knowledge: Pursuing a degree in Healthcare Administration will require extensive education and will help you gain extensive knowledge on topics like Healthcare Quality Management, Healthcare Marketing Patient Safety and security etc.
  5. Career Flexibility: Since healthcare is a dynamic field, there are various career choices that you could choose from. A healthcare administration degree can be utilized in any healthcare related field. To begin with Ambulatory care facilities, Health insurance companies, hospital and health systems, mental health organizations, pharmaceutical companies, public health departments etc.
Now imagine your worth after pursuing a degree in MBA in Healthcare Administration. Enroll yourself today.

Event Planning – The 5 W’s’

Organizing an event without planning can be a waste of both time and resources. Therefore remember the 5 W’s principle before you start planning an event.

Take a look:

  • Why do you want to organize the event?
  • What do you want to attain from the event?
  • What is the objective of the event?

  • What will be the name of the event?
  • Who will be a part of the guest list?
  • What will the food and beverage menu include?
  • Who will the Guest List include?
  •  What will the budget be for the event?
  • What will be the entry fee for the event?

  • When are you going to organize the event?
  • Which date is suitable for the targeted audience?

  • Where are you going to organize the event?
  • Which is the suitable venue for the kind of event being organized?
  •  Who will your organizers be?
  • Who will your sponsors be?
  • Who will the target audience be?
These basic principles if you follow will help you develop an event which will help you attract prospective clients in the future.

All the Best!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

10 Mistakes Every INTERN Should Avoid

We have compiled 10 mistakes that interns usually make while they step into the corporate world.
1. Getting frustrated or complaining about being bored. Most internship starts slow and build up with time. Not all companies have a structured training program or welcome receptions for new interns. Try finding opportunities to contribute.
2. Dismissing the small tasks. Know that some tasks are just a test, Remember every task builds upon the last, so if you do a mediocre job on the simple things, then there is no way your boss will help you step up to the big projects.
3. Do as asked: it's important to respect what they've been doing, because the job they’ve been doing is from a while and may know things you don't, but if you think that's the case, handle it diplomatically and patiently.
4. Formal Language on Email: A work email shouldn't be written like you are texting your best friend, but many interns tend to forget that. As an intern, it's especially important that you always proofread your emails at least three times before hitting send. A poorly written email can show the boss that you have little interest in the position and aren't taking the job seriously.
5. Waiting:  If you sit back waiting for something to happen, nothing ever will. You need to be proactive, by making the most of your internship to get the most out of it. Either volunteer or do something you think is needed. Help a coworker, or ask for more responsibilities. And always show your willingness to put in the extra work.
7. Asking Unnecessary Questions: It's understood that you will have several questions in your new role, but instead of bombarding your boss every 5-10 minutes, first take a moment to think about whether there's any way you can find the answers on your own.
8. Taking criticism personally: Criticism is all part of the learning process, and not everyone will be polite about it. Don't tolerate bullying or disrespect, but do get used to, that way you'll learn from your mistakes instead of repeating them. You will learn from them.
9. Arriving late: Showing up late for work or to meeting, shows you're irresponsible and do not value time. Arriving late also shows you’re not reliable and could leave a bad impression with your employer.
10. Dressing inappropriately: While some offices celebrate casual Friday. Interns still need to dress professionally, especially if they're going to be interacting with clients and high-level staff. Some organizations allow wearing collared tee shirt but jeans are still not allowed even on Fridays.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

INLEADers @ Pullman Hotel, Gurgaon – An Executive Lifestyle Upscale Hotel Brand

An industry visit was organized by INLEAD for the students pursuing International Hotel Management. Pullman is an upscale business segment hotel located on M.G. Road, the hotel is adjacent to Global Business Park, in close proximity to DLF Cyber city and within walking distance from Guru Dronacharya Metro Station. Approx. 30 minutes from the IGI Airport, the prime location of the hotel gives them a competitive edge over the others.

Pullman is a brand under Accor hotels and is an executive lifestyle upscale hotel brand: a new generation of hotels for a new generation of mobile, hyper-connected customers.

The hotel has 285 rooms designed with the elegance of European styling. All of the guestrooms offers a panoramic view of the city and features the signature Pullman bed along with stylish furniture, media hub with direct connectivity, iPod docking station and complimentary Wi-Fi. The rooms are categorized into deluxe, superior, executive rooms and Pullman Suites. The students were shown the Pullman suite and were informed about the amenities and services available in the room.

The property show round of the F&B outlets included the all-day dining – SENSES, with 5 show kitchens and a ’la carte options. 

CITRIQUE: is an intimate and stylish lobby bar with an outdoor deck.
I- KANDY: is a lounge by the poolside with variety of seating options including cabanas, patio umbrellas, all complemented by personalized & informal service.

They were also taken to the hotels meetings and event space and the wellness center.

INLEADers Speak: 
Rahul Chhabra, student pursuing International Hotel Management from INLEAD- -April’14 says, “It was a very good experience visiting Pullman, Gurgaon. It was informative and detailed orientation of all the front end departments. The session held by Mr. Souffian was very informative too”.

Shourya Bali, student of International HotelManagement from INLEAD - April’14 says, “We learnt a lot of the hotel industry and the jargons used. The highlight of orientation was the restaurants and the live kitchen”.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Infrastructure Management Students @ Cross River Mall, Shahdra

On 26th May’2014 students pursuing Infrastructure Management visited Cross River Mall which is spread across 12,300 sq.

The agenda of the visit was exposure to retail operations and various functions.

Mr. Ravi, Housekeeping Supervisor at the Cross River Mall took the students for a round around the mall explaining the spread of business and various categories. Following this Mr. Neeraj, Assistant Manager for Facility Management explained the services rendered by their team and helped students get an insight about the operations and management of the Cross River Mall.

The approximate footfall at the Cross River Mall on weekdays is 4000 people and it goes up to 10,000 on weekends.

Facility Management Services includes Security, Parking, Housekeeping and Maintenance were also discussed.

Observations made from the visit to Cross River Mall:

·         Major Revenue is generating from Common area maintenances, parking, Electricity.
·         Feedback survey form issued to all stores once in a month.
·         Best practices: quick response in sorting out the issues mentioned.
·         Opportunities for improvement: Big Hierarchy and lengthy procedures
·         Compared to other malls Cross river mall have high number of beauty salons, 10nos.
·         Mall has 11 emergency and 2 fire exits.
·         Single Electricity Hub.
·         Dedicated team for supporting functions.
·         Huge parking space attracts customers.
·         24 CCTV cameras

For more information on Industry Visits click here -

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