Friday, June 1, 2012

Management Student: LEAD Activity - Golden Gate

In INLEAD Leadership, Education and Abilities Development or LEAD certification is awarded to students to bridge the gap between campus life and corporate life. This certification basically helps a student to build up on current personality, communication skills, grooming standards and developing the right attitude towards leading and working in a team.

The LEAD module is planned for all the programs which are offered at INLEAD and under this module several activities are held at regular intervals. On June 1st 2012 INLEAD conducted a LEAD activity Golden Gate for the April 2012 batch.  The purpose of such activities is that students from different programs can all come under one roof for few hours and along with the enjoyment can also gain some important learning’s from the activity. In Golden Gate activity participants have to use scrap and other resources to form a bridge. The bridge was then analyzed on three parameters strength, length and height.
The activity was started by dividing the participants in teams. Each team had a time limit of 45 minutes in which they had to use scrap and other resources to the best of their imagination and made a bridge that can be tested on strength, length and height.

At the end of the activity our faculty Ms. Priya Mehta who had meticulously designed this activity said “activity was full of energy & enthusiasm which helped participants to focus on collaboration & Team Work while having fun. It also highlighted the importance of planning and showcased creative skills during the performance. In this activity participants were able to understand the importance of Time Management and how to make best use of Scrap or in other words resource planning.” 

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