Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Management Student: Industry Expert Session - Mr. Anil Yadav

INLEAD conducted an Industry Expert Session on 12th June for its Corporate Administration & Facility Management and Hospitality Operations Management students of April’12 and October’11 batches. The Session was conducted by Mr. Anil Yadav, Head – Operations, Real Estate & Facility Management at Eight Management Services. Mr. Anil Yadav has previously worked with some of the reputed Multi National companies like HCL, Philips and Samsung.

Topic of the session was DifferentAspects of Facility Management and Career Opportunities in the FM Industry. The session started with general introduction of FM industry and what are the technical and the soft services aspects of any Facility Management company. Mr. Anil Yadav had made the session very much interactive and had tried to impart the ground realities to the students. His main focus was to showcase the practicalities of the Facility industry and not to put any stress on bookish knowledge. The session helped students to learn about important departments of any organization that a Facility Manger has to handle Vis-à-vis Transport, Food and Beverage, Housekeeping and Security. On being asked by certain female students about their scope in the facility industry; to which he had categorically said that there is no gender biasness in the industry and the only requirement is that the female employees need to give their full commitment towards the job and should not give the importance to their watches as it is not a 9 to 5 job.

He also threw light on standards for Waste Management, Utility Management and Space Management. He laid stress on the facts about the immense opportunities that are available in the facility industry and a fresher should have the right kind of attitude to build an illustrious career out of this field. According to Mr. Anil, for a fresher to succeed in the industry he should have a practical and a proactive approach to any situation and should be able to provide some cost effective measures to the organization. He cannot be a soft spoken personality and should have the capability to handle situations tactfully. 

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