Wednesday, August 20, 2014

"PR is Performance Recognition" – Douglas Smith

What is meant by the term ‘Public Relations’?  
Public relation (PR) is the art and science of managing communication between the organization and the most important role it plays is to build manage and sustain its positive image.

Public Relations (PR) at INLEAD combines the key skills and public appearance. The demand for PR professionals has increased drastically over the years.  These days’ organizations are looking for well-trained public relations professionals who have the added skill set of event management expertise. Together Event Management & Public Relations go hand in hand. Potential employers while hiring will give due importance to a candidate who has in depth subject knowledge of each.
Success for a public relation professional depends largely for the reputation they create for the brand. PR professionals act as the mediator between the companies/ organizations/ people and the public/ media.

What is the minimum eligibility to work as a PR professional?
A PR professional is required to have a relevant type and level of education such as a master’s degree in Event Management and PR.  A PR specialist requires certain skills which are acquired through additional education and training. Excellent training and verbal communication skills are mandatory. A PR specialist also should know how to work under pressure, having knowing that he should know how to keep the situation calm and how to work under pressure. The client’s reputation is in their hands, they should know how well they can handle that.

Why do we need a PR?

1)    They help maintain a public image
2)    They help maintain relations
3)    They help manage crisis situations
4)    They help manage government affairs
5)    They help conduct CSR activities

Public relations have gained high importance in India today as companies have realized the importance to maintain the image which is the need of the hour. The need and necessity for maintaining public relations apart from spending funds on good advertising and marketing strategies is highly regarded and is definitely required these days.

"Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some hire public relations officers.” - Daniel J. Boorstin. To be among those Public Relations officers pursue an MBA or a PGDM in Event Management & Public Relations from INLEAD today.

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