Friday, August 29, 2014

Safety Applications Every Student Should Download!

Personal safety tends to take a back seat when you suddenly enter college. Several assignments, several PowerPoint presentations take the overload.

Downloading a few mobile safety applications to your 
iPhone, Android device or Blackberry phone gives you a sense of safety which is advised.

The anti-violence apps we've listed can be used during emergencies or in uncomfortable situations. With the apps, students can connect instantly with friends, family.

Circle of 6:

 A Must-Have application for a woman who uses an iPhone. Circle of 6 – The Circle of 6 is designed to help students to come out of potentially dangerous situations. Using this application, users connect the phone numbers of up to six close friends. These could be classmates, roommates, neighbors. In uncomfortable situations users can safely and silently send a message through this app which will help them rescue.

2) Nirbhaya
An app for women is an app titled “Nirbhaya” as a tribute to the brave victim who met her death at the hands of sexual predators on the night of December 16, 2012.
The app can be used in emergency situations by pressing a single distress signal through call or message to a specified contact or a group. A striking feature of this app is the fact that it is configured to send a distress message on just shaking the phone.
The app has also been developed to send alerts about the location of the user with updates after every 300 meters.


Third on the list is I AM SAFE application from Google that has been developed with the primary aim of offering women safety and security.
I AM SAFE app configure GPS and constantly send data relating to the current location along with the SMS.
However, users can add just one emergency number to which the SMS will be sent.

With this application, parents can now always be informed about their kid’s whereabouts. It also allows the users to send emergency alerts using the alert button to a set of trusted people.

5) Scream alarm
As the name of the safety application suggests, the app is a free safety alarm which, on being pushed or activated, screams with the voice of a woman making it a perfect app for distress situations.

6)  Fight back
The Fight back application sends a SOS message via text message, email or even Facebook, for that matter to a pre-entered list of recipients with the simple click of a button.
The message also includes the current location of the sender. One very unique feature of Fight back is the Facebook status update. Apart from providing SMS
and Email options to alert the other person, this app automatically updates your status

7) Sentinel
An award winning women’s safety app, Sentinel has a distinct advantage over other safety applications.
Sentinel will send out a distress call to your emergency list if there’s a forced switch off of the phone and it can also detect if your phone has been snatched from you subjecting the device to several shakes

8) Bsafe
The Bsafe safety app for women promises that “you will never walk alone”. There is even a fake call option in case that perfect date turns out creepy and the situation tense.
The app claims it has live GPS-tracking, which means a friend can follow you if you’re walking alone and ensure your safety

9)  Life 360

One of the most downloaded women safety applications is the Life 360 app.
It is battery friendly can track your current position using GPS and connect you constantly with family members.
The best part of this application (as voted by users), is that the app triggers an alert when a circle member has reached his or his destination.

Be safe, start downloading now!

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