Monday, May 23, 2016

Career Seminar for Nursing Administration

Nursing administration is a profile that is in huge demand in the Healthcare segment and there are many opportunities to train prospects who wish to specialize in nursing administration. INLEAD organized the career seminar for providing information to such prospects and candidates of nursing administration who are keen in pursuing this career.

The seminar was graced with the presence of Ms. Sonymol K., Nurse Supervisor and Head T&D, Dr. Madhvendra Singh, Director, Infiniti Connect and Ms. Khushboo Singh, Sr. VP, INLEAD.

A Nurse Administrator has immense responsibilities within a hospice. A nurse administrator creates work schedules, gives performance reviews, and develops work policies. Other job duties include keeping up established ethical and legal standards for job performance, attending administrative personnel meetings, and developing new employee training. Most of the work of a nurse administrator is done in an office and not on the care floor, so an administrator has little or no direct contact with patients. A nurse administrator may work in a hospital, nursing home, private doctor's office, home health care organization, or urgent care facility.

This was the kind of understanding provided by the panelists during the career seminar, which will definitely enthuse the participants to mull about and work on their advanced education.

Speaking about the seminar, Ms. Sonymol K. said, "I was very impressed with the turnout and am very happy that there is so much interest in the profile of Nursing administration."

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