Monday, May 27, 2013

Management Student : LEAD Activity - "Talk A Lot"

INLEAD conducted a LEAD Activity- Talk A Lot for all the programs of Oct’12 Batch & International Hotel Management Jan’13 Batch on 23rd May 2013. Activity was planned, keeping in mind the challenges faced by the students while speaking in English. It was also observed, during the class interaction, that students were not really aware of the jargons and abbreviation which are commonly used in the corporates.

“Talk A Lot” turned out to be a thrilling and exciting way of learning spoken English for the students.
Faculties have incorporated activities and worksheets for vocabulary building, introduction to corporate phrases and new words, parts of speech etc. to enhance the language skills of the students.

The activity started with an exciting energizer wherein the students were shuffled innovatively and were made to sit in an arrangement with no one sitting on either of their sides. A compiled docket of worksheet and activities were handed over to the students’ before the session.

We began with the familiarization of the parts of speech through an activity followed by a funny video. Various games like crossword, scrabble, stating the meaning of the commonly used business jargons and elaborating the business acronyms  had the students in a delighted state and all were excited to get the answers right. The spell bee, accompanied with the tossing of the koosh ball, had the students vying for their turn as they competed with each other in a friendly manner. The students continued their out of the box thinking by completing the blank animation strip provided in the docket. The activity was brought to a close with a Video of Speech by the American President Barack Obama.

Overall, the students had a fun filled time and also had their language skills brushed during the activity.

According to Ms Shweta Sighania, Event Management and Public Relations Oct’12 Batch – “It was a stimulating day filled with learning and fun.”

According to Mr. Harish Venugopal, International Hotel Management Jan’13 Batch – “Activities like these are fun way to enhance Language (spoken English) skills.”

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