Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Workshop on Branding and Marketing by Mr. Ajay Sharma

INLEAD facilitated an Industry Expert Workshop for October’12 and April’13 Event Management and Public Relations students on Marketing and Branding. The workshop was conducted by Mr. Ajay Sharma, Vice President, India Momentum Worldwide - McCann World Group.

The session began with Mr. Ajay Sharma introducing the class to the McCann World Group, one of the largest communications network in the world, offering niche marketing solutions. He then dwelled on the academic definitions of Brand Equity and Brand Language and how brand managers take any route in establishing the Brand Equity.

The discussion centering on the 10 principles to establish the Brand Equity through Touch & Feel, Advertising, Public Relation, Promotions and Communication was very edifying and fruitful. It would definitely assist the students in understanding the strategies utilized for advertising and marketing. The discussion of each principle accompanied with examples from the industry enabled the students to understand them and gain clarity regarding the tactics utilized for Branding and Marketing.
  • According to Ms Aditi Mohan, April’13 Batch: “The session gave me insight that I had to unlearn in order to become better at what I would do.”
  • According to Ms Shweta Singhania, October’12 Batch: “The 10 Golden Rules to build brand equity were very informative and unique.”

The class was also engaged in a group activity wherein they were to devise and plan the creation of a need of a particular product for the consumers. To conclude, the session was very fruitful and enlightening. It was very interactive and productive.

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