Friday, May 17, 2013

International Hotel Management : Expert Workshop on Cross Culture Work Environment (International Hotel Management Batches)

INLEAD facilitated an expert workshop for International Hotel Management Jan’13 and April’13 batch students on 16th May 2013. The purpose of the workshop was to give young professionals an overview of the global hotel industry and what are the major challenges that an individual faces to work in a cross culture environment.

Ms. Chakraborty began her session with first asking all the participants to write down their thoughts on what are they expecting out of this session. The students were then asked to share their thoughts. The topic of discussion was “Preparing for Journey: International HospitalityJobs”.The main objective was to get the students introduced to different working styles and how international exposure is essential for hospitality industry for the overall learning and development.

The session was to give students an understanding of what to expect when going international for jobs/internships. The session began with an activity wherein the students had to come up with an “out of the box thinking”. the session covered topics like: what to know about the organization, challenges working in a cross culture environment, ground rules- do’s and don’ts and finally the learning’s which summarized the entire discussion.

The session had a lot of important tips that were shared some of which were: how it is important to have tolerance, attitude for gratitude is very important, and most importantly smile, because this is one thing that would connect you with a guest. The session came to an end with a small meditation exercise.

According to Shyam Sunder International Hotel Management Jan’13 Batch: “My learning’s from the session was the understanding of various challenges and how to tackle those while working in a cross culture environment”.

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