Friday, May 10, 2013

International Hotel Management- Industry Expert Session - Ms. Sonal Pathak, Director- HR, Radisson Blu, Dwarka.

INLEAD facilitated an Industry Expert Workshop on 9th May for International Hotel Management Jan’13 and April’13 batches. The workshop was conducted by Ms. Sonali Pathak, Director- HR, Radisson Blu, Dwarka.

The session began with understanding if the students relate to the concept of an Expert session. The students were guided on how such sessions can help one connecting with the industry. Ms. Pathak made the session very interactive and cleared lot of industry myths that students had, during the workshop. She shared lot of facts on Travel and Tourism industry and graphs were used to validate the points being discussed which made it a very interesting discussion.

Travel and Tourism Industry is the largest employer in the world and it is projected to remain the same, with India being the 4th best country for hospitality business; thus bringing out a great deal of career opportunities for young professionals.

The lecture explained how hotel jobs are dynamic in nature and are very unpredictable, though they are global in nature; it always has a local flavor to it. Ms. Pathak also spoke about how hotel jobs can be very monotonous, but each day it has to be approached with different enthusiasm.

The highlight of the session was the alertness and involvement displayed by the students. The data/graphs shown and discussed taught them how to comprehend stats when presented.

  • According to Shashwat Mishra IHM April’13 Batch: “The detailed figures and updated information of the entire hotel industry and India’s comparison with the global and Asia – Pacific Hotels, I found them to be very informative.”
  • According to Faraz Khan IHM April’13 Batch: “It was not a theoretical lecture; it showed us practical aspects of the hotel industry and the current state of the hospitality industry globally and in India.”

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