Friday, July 4, 2014

Event Management: A Potentially Rewarding Career

Event Management is attracting a lot of youngsters today. Working behind the scenes is what fascinates them the most about managing an event.

The excitement in organizing a big event, earning good money and also enjoying the perks that come along is influencing all the candidates today to pursue a career in Event Management.

A career in Event Management is definitely not a bed of roses, but  requires a lot of hard work and determination. The life of an event planner is extremely hectic. Be prepared to work/ travel 24*7. There is no such thing as fixed working hours in this profession.

Nowadays there are several colleges offering courses in Event Management, for example at INLEAD we provide a PGDM and an MBA in Event Management & Public Relations.

After movies like ‘The Wedding Planner’, ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’,  ‘Band Baaja Baarat’, ‘Monsoon Wedding’ &  ‘Bride and Prejudice’ lots of students inquired about a career in ‘Event Planning’ and later went ahead and pursued a course in Event Management from INLEAD.

Having a degree these days is extremely important; every industry is becoming extremely professional. Having a degree in the related field just adds up to your career and definitely to your resume.

During the course of study at INLEAD, you as future, aspiring event planners will be taken for various events to get hands on experience for the kind of events you will have to handle in the near future.

Most people these days are self-employed, but few of them get employed at various event management companies, or they start assisting wedding consultants, or they start working as a brand manager with an organization.

There are several types of events which take place today. Few years back a party restricted to a tablecloth and chairs and event planners were not taken seriously, but now the entire outlook has changed. No longer are kid’s birthdays celebrated as a casual get together of friends at home, these days you require planners to plan a theme based birthday party etc.  Larger events include a concert or an awards ceremony.
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