Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Ms. Annie Mathen – Regional Human Resource Manager – North, Columbia Asia @ INLEAD

Yesterday, 22nd of July an expert lecture was conducted by Ms. Annie Mathen – Regional Human Resource Manager – North, Columbia Asia. The agenda of the workshop was 'Corporate Expectations & Industry Orientation'.

 She introduced herself by giving a description of how she climbed the ladder from the scratch to where she is now. ‘Make a Difference’ is what she highlighted the most in her session. She advised students to take the plunge, because in the end it’s all worth it. She also advised the students to become active on LinkedIn, the professional networking site. Reading is one habit which all the students should inculcate is what she emphasized upon. Three new words should be learnt every day and should be used in the sentences we use daily. 

Big Mean World’s Expectations/ Corporate Expectations

1) The Right Attitude
2) Excellent Communication skills
3) High Moral Values
4) Well Groomed Personality
     - extraversion
     - agreeableness
     - conscientiousness
    - emotional stability
     - openness to experience
5) Make maximum utilization of IQ (creative decision making)

Make an Impression: 5 Self Mantras

- sell yourself
- present yourself
- groom yourself
- think for yourself and be quick
- read for yourself

Leave a lasting impression” is what Ms.Annie Mathen suggested to the students before she opened the session for a question and answer round.   

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