Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Orientation Week July 2017 Batch

Last week saw INLEAD opening its campus doors to its new July 2017 batch. Every quarter INLEAD welcomes new students into their classrooms, and before classes begin students are put through an Orientation Week. During the course of the week, multiple activities were conducted for the newly christened INLEADers to encourage them to get to know the institute, the faculty members, and most importantly their batchmates.

Through the various activities that were conducted over the span of a week, students get an idea of their courses, the placement opportunities, their teachers, their mentors and facilities in the campus.

Day 1 to Day 2 was all about Registration, Orientation about Life at INLEAD, as well as Corporate orientation. There were sessions conducted by Ms. Monica Mor telling them about the various activities and course modules that they would be undergoing in their stint at INLEAD. They had sessions with subject faculty experts who introduced students to the various streams they had taken admission in, as well as the type of placement opportunities that would be available for them. 

This was followed by two days of Ice Breaking sessions comprising activities in the domain of Team Dynamics and Mental Abilities. They formed teams, chose a captain each and tried to work on their mental faculties to get their brain cells working overtime. 

Day 5 was when students were required to get a hold of their teammates and compete intensively with other teams to win hampers. This session was a celebration. A beginning of a new journey for all the students present.

The session began with the INLEADers getting to know each other better by playing an Ice breaking game called 2 Truths and a Lie, where students participated fully with enthusiasm and energy. Thereafter, Ms. Monica, Ms. Priyanka and Ms. Sakshi initiated the first activity titled-Land Mine. One student from each team was blindfolded and had to, with instructions from his team members, collect as many plastic balls as possible. Students participated with enthusiasm that was so palpable that there was  so much noise that it was sometimes getting difficult to control them and ensure that they aren’t violating rules.

Next, the students engaged in a craft activity where with newspapers and a scale they had to create circles, squares and triangles, and the team with the most number of shapes won. Students united as teams and came out with innovative and intelligent ideas to maximize their team score.This game was a game changer, where a winning team lost the game and eventually the competition. They were beaten by a team of underdogs who worked very hard on their team dynamics and finally got their act together at the nick of time.

Overall, the Orientation Week comprising Faculty and T&P team interactions as well as the Team Dynamics session was a grand success and a great start for all the students paving their way towards a brighter future.

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