Friday, July 25, 2014

First Day of College? Tips & Tricks to Ease the Transition

While you pursue Post Graduation (PG) you will be making a lot of changes in your life, some of you might have relocated and some of you might have just taken admission knowing a PG will help you climb up the ladder in the corporate arena.
Try these some tips and tricks which will help you adjust to your new life and avoid stress.
You’re life completely changes, instead of your parents waking you up in the morning, you suddenly get into the habit of putting alarms, waking up and heading to college all by yourself. You're suddenly completely on your own, with a lot of freedom and a whole new world of opportunities to embrace. These tips can help you ease the transition into college life.

Welcome New Experiences:

A new place, a new roommate…Everything is different when you first get to college. Be open-minded, don’t be narrowing minded.  Expect new changes and situations to take place regularly and be open to meeting new people.  You may or may not enjoy the company of people but listening to their point of views is extremely important. You will get to meet people from different backgrounds etc.
     2)      Connect with Your Peers
You might be in a new place, but you're not alone. Your classmates will be meeting everyone for the first time too. Strike up a conversation with the person sitting next to you in class.  Don't stress about forming friendships right away, it will probably take some time before you find the right crowd for your personality and interests. In the meantime, enjoy meeting new people and get used to reaching out to others.
     3)      Manage Your Time
Don’t lose focus; don't forget that you have relocated from a different city for the college which will help fulfill your dreams. Review your syllabi or ask your mentor to find out the deadlines for assignments and exams in each of your courses, make a calendar or planner to keep track of those deadlines. (Maintain a time table). 
All the Best! 

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