Friday, July 11, 2014

Want your dream job? Avoid these 10 mistakes.

We bring to you 10 tips following which will help you get a ticket to your dream career.

    1)    Avoid typo errors/ spelling mistakes on your resume- You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. Example: I am loking for a job instead of I’m looking for a job.
A funky email address – Example
Avoid using abbreviations- Example: Etc. in your resume
Don’t forget to write/ attach the cover letter/ resume along with the email you send to your employer.
Highlight duties instead of your accomplishments: Focus more on what you have achieved.
Keep your resume tidy and simple to read. Do not use highlighters or colored pens.
Don’t be badly/ poorly dressed for the interviews: Wear formals 
Avoid using your phone: Don’t check your phone on short intervals, this might show you’re less enthusiastic to get the job.
Move On: Feeling down about rejection: Rejection is all part of life. Move onto the next opportunity
Avoid using phrases like ‘I am responsible for” and instead use phrases like ‘I resolved’.

All the best!

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