Monday, July 7, 2014

INLEADers @ the Biggest Entertainment & Comedy Show of Kapil Sharma

Until now Kapil Sharma and his family were seen only on T.V. this time he was performing LIVE.

On 5th of July’14 students of INLEAD were a part of the event which was powered by olx at the Indira Gandhi Indoor System in New Delhi.

It was bound to be a fun ride when Kapil Sharma AKA Bittu's house was visited by RJ Raunac AKA Baua.
The role of the students of INLEAD was to look into event operations and artist management

The course in Event Management and Public Relations at INLEAD has a practical element, wherein students are taken for industry visits to various events big and small for them to get a practical exposure. In order to prepare the students for the live event scenario, it is extremely important for them to know the key principles and concepts of event management.  

The main purpose for us to send our students for such events is for them to build upon skills in the principles of event management.

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