Friday, November 29, 2013

Mr. Abhishek Pasricha, General Manager, Optus Sarovar Premier, Gurgaon at INLEAD

INLEAD facilitated an Industry Expert Session for the students pursuing International Hotel Management at INLEAD. The session was conducted by Mr. Abhishek, General Manager, Optus Sarovar Premier, Gurgaon.

Mr. Pasricha began the session with a brief introduction about himself and Sarovar Group mentioning. “The Sarovar group began its operations in India in the year 1996 under the guidance of Mr. Ajay Bakya and Mr. Anil Madhok”. 

Mr. Abhishek Pasricha expressed his views on different segments in the hotel industry. His main focus was on Mid Segment Hotels. Emphasizing the reasons behind mid-segment hotels are the new concept is because the Return on Cost/Investment is lesser, and Returns are faster.

He gave a broad insight and presented facts of the Hotel Industry in general. One of the important facts which he stated was that the Mid Segment Hotels hold about 68% of average occupancy across India.

He talked about a few challenges, which the Hotel Industry in India today faces. One of them was liquor license which is a major concern. 

Talking about Revenue Management, Mr Abhishek, stated that, “Revenue is the blood and parcel of the Hotel Industry”.

The revenue a hotel is generating depends on three broad parameters:
1)    Availability of rooms
2)    Competition in the market
3)     Services provided

As a General Manager of Optus Sarovar Premiere, Gurgaon, he  told the students to sustain in this industry you need to handle your revenues really well.

Mr. Pasricha also discussed about Contract Pricing, BAR, and Dynamic pricing under revenue management.

The students thoroughly enjoyed the session and one of our students, Faraz Khan exclaimed that, “The session was very interesting as we were told about the mid segment hotels and also an insight in Revenue Management.  A very interactive and a great learning experience”.

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