Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Infrastructure Management: How to fare better in the Infrastructure Industry.

INLEAD facilitated an Industry Expert Workshop for January, April 2013 and July 2013 Infrastructure Management batches on 13th August. The workshop was conducted by Mr. Sandeep Sharma, Vice President HR – Earth Infrastructures. . He had an interactive session with the students on “How to fare better in the Infrastructure Industry."

The session comprised several activities which were based on setting Goals in Life, Importance of listening, etiquette and basic communication skills, hence giving all the students a sense of understanding on how all the industries work and what are the prerequisites to be a successful professional in this competitive corporate world.

In his passionate discourse Mr. Sharma discussed on several personality traits and importance of aptitude and attitude in an individual’s life. According to him one should never assume things in the corporate world and should never be judgmental either, both in their personal and professional life. He shared his views on basic and effective intelligence and the significance of fast and steady growth in the corporate working environment. He also discussed the 90/10 principle and how important it is for an individual to respond to a situation rather than reacting.

The session ended with an activity based on personality test where students had to draw a rabbit on a piece of paper and based on the position and the orientation of the rabbit their personalities were determined. Over all it was an interactive session and involved several activities which made it a lot of fun for all the students.

  • According to Mr. Shahzeb Khan – July’13 Batch: “It was a really nice experience and very knowledgeable. Mr. Sharma gave us valuable insights regarding our decision making ability and the way we would evaluate ourselves.”
  • According to Mr. Sohail Akhtar – July’13 Batch: “The class was very interesting. It was great to know the viewpoints regarding the industry and the entire session was very insightful.”

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