Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Top 10 Reasons to do an INTERNSHIP

In a highly competitive job market like ours, you will need to make yourself stand out among others. Since employers prefer to hire individuals who have career-related work experience, internships can be crucial to your job search.

Let’s discuss why an ‘internship’ is so crucial.

      1)      Gain professionalism: An ‘internship’ allows you to observe how your skill set can be applied in the real world.
      2)      Gain Work Experience: Practical knowledge attracts employers. An ‘internship’ on your resume will definitely give you
 an edge over a fresher.
Expand Your Network: Doing an internship definitely increases network opportunities. It connects you with the professionals in the related field. Internships help expand your professional branding.
Builds Resume: Internships help you prepare both by giving you the experience and skills to build a strong resume and the confidence to give an outstanding interview.
Find your Role Model: an internship gives you the opportunity to interact with various department managers and what you will learn from them will be highly beneficial for you in the long run.
Develop a Professional Portfolio: Document your internship achievements by collecting examples of your responsibilities, performance and range of skills. A portfolio is an excellent job. Search tool that can be shown to potential employers.

Gain a new perspective: Internships can definitely be something that will help you transform your life. Internship can give you the opportunity to work in areas that you won’t work anytime in the future, you might get to know people that become lifetime friends, or you can realize how passionate you were about something you only got to know through the internship you had.
Develop Employability Skills: Gain work related skills that employer’s values, this you will learn while you intern. After completing an internship, there is a greater potential to be hired full-time by the employer.
Enhance Personal Development: Explore your interests, strengthen your skills and identify the areas where you need improvement. Experience in the workplace which can help develop your intellect and improve your critical thinking, problem solving, and communication and leadership abilities.
Improved Salary: Compete for a higher salary. Graduates who intern will likely earn more than students who did not intern.

Internships can definitely be something that transforms your life. 

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